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NEB Class 12 Model Question 2080 | All Subjects

NEB Class 12th Board Exam Model Questions Sets. Complete Model Question for the year 2079/2080 Class 12 Final Exams of Each Subject.
NEB Class 12 Model Question 2079 for 2080 Batch
NEB Model Question 2079

NEB Class 12 Model Question

As the Class 12th students prepare to appear for the Board exams, the National Education Board (NEB) has released the model question papers for the year 2080. The NEB Class 12 Model Question 2079/80 includes questions for all subjects with the corresponding subject code and remarks.

NEB Class 12 Model Question 2079 for 2080 Batch
Class 12 NEB Board Exam 2079/80 Model Questions

Complete Question List

The NEB Class 12 Model Question 2079/2080 consists of 30 subjects with one set of questions for each subject. However, Accounting has two sets of questions for the students.

The list of subjects in the model question includes Compulsory Nepali, Compulsory English, Compulsory Social Studies and Life Skills, Compulsory Mathematics, Physics, Accounting, Rural Development, Nepalese Legal System, Instructional Pedagogy and Evaluation, Biology, Education and Development, Legal Drafting, Sociology, Business Studies, Population Studies, Chemistry, Economics, Tourism and Mountaineering Studies, Marketing, Civil and Criminal Law and Justice, Optional Nepali, Optional English, Business Mathematics, Environment Science, General Law, Finance, Computer Science, Hotel Management, Mass Communication, and Health and Physical Education.

You can find complete model question from below.

S.N. S. Code Subject Name Remarks
1 0021 Com. Nepali [With Solution] 1 set
2 0041 Com. English [With Solution] 1 set
3 0061 Com. Social Studies & Life Skill 1 set
4 0081 Com. Mathematics [With Solution] 1 set
5 1021 Physics [With Solution] 1 set
6 1041 Accounting [With Solution] 2 set
7 1061 Rural Development 1 set
8 1101 Nepalese Legal system 1 set
9 1181 Instructional Pedagogy and Evaluation 1 set
10 2021 Biology [With Solution] 1 set
11 2041 Education and Development 1 set
12 2101 Legal Drafting 1 set
13 2121 Sociology 1 set
14 2161 Business Studies [with solution] 1 set
15 2241 Population Studies 1 set
16 3021 Chemistry [With Solution] 1 set
17 3041 Economics [With Solution] 1 set
18 3061 Tourism and Mountaineering Studies 1 set
19 3081 Marketing 1 set
20 3201 Civil and Criminal law and justice 1 set
21 3321 Opt. Nepali 1 set
22 3341 Opt. English 1 set
23 4061 Business Mathematics 1 set
24 4141 Environment Science 1 set
25 4161 General Law 1 set
26 4181 Finance 1 set
27 4281 Computer Science [With Solution] 1 set
28 4401 Hotel Management 1 set
29 4421 Mass Communication 1 set
30 4441 Health and Physical Education 1 set

NEB Updated Model Question 2080 pdf

NEB Again update model question (Baishak 11), Check this out:


Complete Subject Google drive link:


Tips for Board Exam

Using these model questions will Help 12th grade students to scoring good grades in the NEB Final Board Exam which is scheduled to start from May 9th, 2023 (26th Baishak 2080). By visiting the Complete Routine of Class 12, you can get complete timetable.

The Board Exam questions will be structured based on these sets; therefore, it is essential to practice these model sets. Familiarizing oneself with these model sets will help to understanding the types of questions that may appear on the Board Exam.

Best of Luck for you NEB Class 12 Board Exam.

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  1. Technical subject ko lagi pan haldinu na
    1. ok!! We Already Upload Complete Model Question.
  2. Sir do you have solutions had you post neb questions
    1. We are uploading solution in this site; but we donot have solution of each subject; if you had any you can sent us at [email protected]
  3. Question no.4 ko ans d hunxa hola
  4. Final exam ma pani yestai question aauxa ki practice ko lagi matra ho yo? Ki halka yes bata ni aauna sakxa?
    1. Yestai aauxa hai Question haru; NEB le nai model nekelayako ho, last year model bahira gayo vanayara kura vayako le; yo tale specification grid ra yei model question ramro saga herya paxi; ramrai number aauxa tyei vayara aaru kunai padnu vayako xaina vanya ne model question chai ramro saga hernu hola; thankyou.
  5. social ko pani solution please
    1. Now, You can check Solution video: Social studies and life skill solution
  6. Account ko set 2 ma vayako qno 14 ko a) ko trading and p/l a/c ko solution ko to gross profit ma 80,000 aauxw tyo solution ma 180,000 xw 🤔🤔correct ans vandinu nw🙏
  7. 1,80000 nai ho ans ta;
  8. sachai yei question haru auney horaw ?
    ki estai prakar ko vanya ?
    1. yestai type ko aaune ho;
      20-30 mark ko chai same aauxa hola,
      last min ma release garya xa;
  9. sir ini haru bata nei sabei subjects ko esari padhera gayo bhane pass huncham?
    1. hunxau hola; yo barsa model batai aaune chance dherai xa; yo model question haru chai khatrai gare padnu parxa ani pass huna ta kei garo hudaina;
    2. tapaile deko model haru matra padhda huncha sir?
    3. yo model bata dherai que haru aauxan, tara last year ko que haru ne hernu hos, ani last year ko model question haru pani hernuhos;
    4. yo model bata dherai que haru aauxan, tara last year ko que haru ne hernu hos, ani last year ko model question haru pani hernuhos;
    5. physics subject ko ta xadai xaina ta
    6. physics model with solution click for physics model
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