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Class 12 Economics: Grid, Syllabus 2080

NEB Class 12 Economics Syllabus 2080 with Scope and Sequences of Course which includes Teaching, Credit hours, Specification grid and Question Pattern

Grade 12 Economics (ECO: 304) Syllabus: Complete Syllabus and Curriculum, Grade 12 Economics Latest Course for 2080 NEB Exams.

Economics Important Details

Class 12 Economics Yearly Working Hours, Specification Grid, Credit Hours, Marks Distribution, Curriculum, Syllabus, etc.

Yearly Working Hours

Yearly Working Hours Class 12 Economics

Specification Grid (Question Plan and Marks Allocation)

Specification Grid (Question Plan and Marks Allocation)

Specification Grid - Question Plan and Marks Allocation

Specification Grid - Question Plan and Marks Allocation

Specification Table

Specification Table

Specification Table

Types of Question

Number of Questions to be asked

Full Marks

Very Short Questions

11    (from Q.N. 1 to 11)


Short Answer Questions

8 ( from Q.N. 12 to 19)

With any two 'OR' Questions


Long Answer Questions

3 (from Q. N. 20 to 23)

With any one 'OR' Questions





Class 12 Syllabus: Economics (NEB)

Class 12 Economics (Sub Code: Eco 304) Syllabus for Academic Year 2080 (2023/2024) is given as:

Unit 1: Basic Concept of Economics and Resource Allocation1.1 Concepts of Scarcity and Choice2 Hrs.
1.2 Concept of Opportunity Cost
1.3 Production Possibility Curve (PPC): Concepts, Shape and Shift
1.4 Concept of Allocation of Resources
1.5 Division of Labor and Specialization: Advantages and Disadvantages
1.6 Economic System (Market, Command and Mixed): Types and Features
Unit 2: Micro Economics2.1 Market and Revenue Curves15 Hrs.
2.2 Cost Curves
Unit 3: Macro Economics3.1 Banking System and Monetary Policy7 Hrs.
3.2 Government Finance
3.3 International Trade
3.4 Exchange Rate: Meaning and Types
3.5 Free Trade and Protection Trade: Advantages and Disadvantages
3.6 Comparative Cost Theory of International Trade
Unit 4: Development Economics4.1 Poverty, Inequality, Unemployment and Human Resources2 Hrs.
4.1.1 Concept of Poverty, Inequality and Unemployment
4.1.2 Causes of Poverty and Inequality, Measures to Minimize Poverty and Inequality
4.1.3 Unemployment: Types, Causes and Measures to Provide Employment
4.1.4 Human Resources: Concepts and Roles
4.1.5 Concepts of Human Development Indicators and Human Development Index (HDI)
4.1.6 Population of Nepal: Current Status (Size, Structure, Distribution and Growth Rate)
Unit 5: Nepalese Economy5.1 Foreign Trade of Nepal and Foreign Employment12 Hrs.
5.1.1 Concepts of Nepalese Foreign Trade
5.1.2 Foreign Trade of Nepal: Growth and Trend, Direction, Competition and Problems of Nepalese Foreign Trade
5.1.3 Concepts of World Trade Organization (WTO) and South Asian Free Trade Area (SAFTA)
5.1.4 Foreign Employment and Remittance: Current Situation, Advantages and Disadvantages
5.2 Development Planning of Nepal
5.2.1 Concept of Development Planning
5.2.2 General Evaluation of Immediate Past Plan
5.2.3 Current Development Plan: Goals, Priorities and Policies
5.2.4 Process of Plan Formulation in Nepal
5.3 Sustainable Development Goals of UN and Nepal
5.3.1 Concepts of Sustainable Development Goals of UN: 17 Goals
5.3.2 No Poverty and Nepal
5.3.3 Zero Hunger and Nepal
5.3.4 Decent Work, Economic Growth and Nepal
5.3.5 Quality Education and Nepal
Unit 6: Quantitative Techniques in Economics6.1 Basic Statistics2 Hrs.
6.1.1 Review of Basic Statistics: Definition, Scope, Importance and Limitation of Statistics
6.1.2 Collection of Data: Method of Collecting Primary Data, Sources of Secondary Data
6.1.3 Standard Deviation, Coefficient of Variation (CV) and Variance
6.1.4 Index Number: Price Index Number - Laspeyre's and Paasche's Price Index Number

NEB Class 12 Economics Syllabus, CDC New latest syllabus

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