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NEB Class 12 Routine 2080-2081: Class 12 Routine

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  • Targeted Audience: Our platform caters to students across various educational levels, making it an ideal space to promote educational products and services.

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  1. Top Banner (970x250): Rs 4,500
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    • Ad 01: Rs 3,500
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Who can give ad in our website?

  1. Educational Institutions:

    • Schools
    • Colleges
    • Universities
    • Training Centers
    • Coaching Institutes

  2. Educational Service Providers:

    • Tutoring Services
    • Online Learning Platforms
    • Educational Apps
    • E-learning Courses

  3. Publishers and Bookstores:

    • Textbook Publishers
    • Bookstores
    • Educational Book Publishers

  4. Entrance Exam Preparation Services:

    • Institutes offering preparation for competitive exams
    • Exam coaching centers

  5. Nepali Businesses:

    • Local Businesses looking to target a student audience
    • Business Training Programs
    • Skill Development Centers

  6. Job Portals:

    • Platforms connecting students to job opportunities
    • Career Counseling Services

  7. Stationery and Supplies:

    • Stationery Shops
    • Educational Supplies Providers

  8. Technology and Gadgets:

    • Laptops, Tablets, and Electronics Retailers
    • Software Development Courses or Bootcamps

  9. Travel and Accommodation Services:

    • Student Travel Agencies
    • Accommodation Services for Students

  10. Student Services:

    • Counseling Services
    • Health and Wellness Programs

  11. Financial Institutions:

    • Banks offering student loans or financial education

  12. Local Events and Activities:

    • Local Event Organizers targeting students
    • Youth and Educational Conferences

  13. Government Educational Initiatives:

    • Educational Programs sponsored by the government
    • Scholarship Programs

  14. Internship and Job Placement Services:

    • Platforms connecting students with internships and job opportunities

  15. Language Learning Programs:

    • Platforms offering language courses and learning tools
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