SEE Routine 2080: SEE Routine 2080/2024

NEB Class 12 Routine 2080-2081: Class 12 Routine

Class 10 English Guide 2080: Exercise Question Answer

Class 10 English Exercise Guide 2080 - Answer Question Solution

Class 10 English Guide 2080: Exercise Question Answer Solution note, Class 10 English Guide: Notes & Questions Answers PDF

Unit Lesson Title
Unit-1 I How Driverless Cars Will Change Our World
II Open Letter To UN Secretary-General Antonio
Unit-2 I Battle Of The Oranges
II Thanks Giving Around The Worlds
Unit-3 I A Letter From A Patient
II A Healthy Diet For A Healthy Life
Unit-4 I Cabbage White
II Leave This Chanting & Singing
Unit-5 I Yes, You Can Boil Water At Room Temperature
II The Voice Of The Rain
Unit-6 I Strange Foods From Around The World
II You Inspire Others By Learning Not By Teaching
Unit-7 I Parents
II Cyber Security: Basic Internet Safety Tips
Unit-8 I Common Habits
II Climbing
Unit-9 I Pratap Malla
II Flowers in Russian Cultures
Unit-10 I The First Olympic Games
II The Popularity of Different Sports in The World
Unit-11 I Wisdom of Little Girls
II World Record [Drama]
Unit-12 I Kathmandu-Terai Madhes Fast Track
II Composed Upon Westminster Bridge [Poem]
Unit-13 I A Century of World Population Trends 1995-2050
II Discovering Migration: What Birds Reveal
Unit-14 I Expect the Unexpected
II Weather [Poem]
Unit-15 I Me at the Beginning of Life
II Sugarloaf Mountain: 5 Interesting Facts
Unit-16 I Walt Disney: An Example of Struggle & Success
II If [Poem] by Rudyard Kipling
Unit-17 I London vs Paris
II The Country Mouse & City Mouse [Poem]
Unit-18 I Hachi: A Dog’s Tale
II Interesting Social Media Stories

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