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Class 11 Nepali Notes 2080: Exercise Summary Grammar

Class 11 Nepali Guide

Class 11 Nepali Notes Guide 2080: Nepali is an important subject of the NEB curriculum because it is a required subject to score good grade. All of the exercises are solved, explained, and organized by chapter.

Class 11 Nepali Notes 2079 and 2080 Exercise Summary Grammar

Class 11 Nepali Guide Book Chapters-Wise Solution

Listed below are all the chapters of the Class 11 Nepali guide book, Offline pdf notes, Grammar and Question answers with Complete Summary of Each Chapter:

About: Class 11 Nepali Notes

Here we're sharing the latest and updated version of class 11 Nepali guide with all chapter-wise solutions. Not even a single page of any exercise is missing from here, if you find out something is missing, please let us know in the comments. Until then, we'll also try on our own to find errors or the slightest mistake in this guide and will keep it updated.

What is the Course Content of Class 11 Nepali Notes?

Chapter No. Chapter Name Genre
1 Bir Purkha Poem
2 Gau ko Maya Story
3 Sanskriti ko Naya yatra Essay
4 Yogmaya Biography
5 Sathi lai Chithi Letter
6 Tyo Feri Farkala Story
7 Paryaparyatanko Sambhawana ra aayam
8 Lau Aayo Taja Khabar Play
9 Saphalta ko Katha Report
10 Krishi Sala ma Ek din Dialogue
11 Rara Bhraman Diary
12 Jalsrot ra urja Report

What We Covered in Class 11 Nepali Guide/Notes?

We just add new topics in this Complete Guide for Class 11 Nepali Students:

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    • Class 11 Nepali Guide 2079/2080
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    • Class 11 Nepali Guide, Tyo Feri Farkala Story Exercise

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