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Class 12 English Board Exam Questions Solution 2081

NEB Class 12 Final Board Exam Question Paper Sets 2080 with Solution. Compulsory English Class 12 Province Model Sets With Answer 2081 English Exam
Class 12 English: Model, Board Questions With Solution

In this post, we are going to discussed about Class 12 English Model Questions, Board Exam Question Papers as well as other Set Question of English With Complete Solution for Board/Internal/ External Exam of NEB 2079/2080. We Covered Specification Model Questions, Province 1, Province 3, Province 4 English Final Board Exam Question Paper With Complete Solution of Each Set.

In Class 12, English subject is divided into two sub category:

  • Theory: 75 Marks
  • Practice (Speaking/Listening): 25 Marks

This Question Sets are made with the help of WEB. Credit goes to respective owners and CDC / NEB Board.

Table of Content:

1. Test Specification Chart for External Evaluation

CDC Released Test Specification Chart for Students who are in Class 12 reading Compulsory English. Class 12 Compulsory English [ Eng. 004 (Grade XII) ], Test Specification Chart for External Evaluation ( NEB Board Exam 2079/2080).

Compulsory English (ENG. 004)
Grade XII
Model Questions Solution
Full Marks: 75 Time: 3 hours

1. Read the text and complete the tasks that follow. 15

How to stay fit, happy and healthy

If you’ve been listening to the news you already know about our national obesity levels rising
by the day. It has never been more important to watch what you are eating and to get an
adequate amount of exercise and sleep to keep yourself fit and healthy. Though it may feel
like really hard work at first, once you adopt an exercise routine and start to adapt to a new
situation, you’ll forget you ever did things differently. Here are the top four top adjustments
you could make make:

Sleep is huge and almost a third of the US population doesn’t get near enough to help them
stay physically and mentally healthy. If you are sleep deprived, try changing your habits in
order to get a full eight hours every night.

Look at what you’re eating now and make changes where you see fit. If you are susceptible
to snacking, keep a piece of fruit or a few nuts at hand. The key is to eat small meals
throughout the day. Reduce portion sizes, remove white bread and replace with whole grains
and make sure each meal contains at least one portion of fruit and – or vegetables. Healthy
food doesn’t have to be expensive in the least bit, and you can get an abundance of low priced
fruit and veggies, like apples, bananas, potatoes and peas.

Take a look at your current lifestyle and make a small list of everything you do that is not good for your health. This could be anything, from eating too much junk food or drinking too much caffeine, to smoking or drinking. Start the process of breaking these habits one by one. Some will be easy, while others may take months or maybe years to get rid of and eradicate
completely from your life, but the sooner you start fighting, the better.

Some addictions (like smoking, drugs or alcohol) are incredibly bad not only to your health,
but also to your pocketbook. If you smoke and/or drink, start by cutting back on how many
drinks you have, or cigarettes you smoke, in a day, and if necessary, seek medical advice and
assistance to make further steps towards stopping completely.

We all should be doing at least 30 minutes of exercise, 3 to 4 or more times a week, to maintain good health and keep fit. This can be pretty much anything that is physical, like walking, cycling, running, swimming to weightlifting, etc. This too does not have to be expensive, and you can get a great work out without joining any costly gyms. Most of these exercises are inexpensive, and just doing a cardiovascular exercise, like walking, jogging, or walking on a treadmill a few times a week will do your body (and heart) good.

A. Look at the highlighted words in the text. Complete these sentences using them. Two of them are not necessary. (5×1=5)

a. Disadvantaged people are deprived of social justice.
b. Nepal is a naturally rich country. In fact, it has an abundance of natural resources.
c. Older people with medical complications are susceptible to Covid-19.
d. I have made a few adjustments to the design to give the shirt a new look.
e. It took me seven hours to complete the task. It was incredibly difficult.

B. Choose the appropriate headings for paragraphs 2-6 from the list below and write the
paragraph numbers next to them. (5×1=5)

a. Strive for a better diet Paragraph 3
b. Exercise, exercise, exercise Paragraph 6
c. Overcoming addictions Paragraph 5
d. Get more sleep Paragraph 2
e. Stop all those bad habits Paragraph 4

C. Answer the following questions. (5×1=5)

a. What percentage of the US population get enough sleep to stay healthy?
Ans: Two third i.e. about sixty six percentage of the US population get enough sleep to stay

b. Why is healthy food not always expensive?
Ans: Healthy food means to contain at least one portion of fruit and – or vegetables in each meal. We can get an abundance of low priced fruit and veggies, like apples, bananas, potatoes and peas. So, healthy food is not always expensive.

c. What is the best way to get rid of bad habits?
Ans: The best way to get rid of bad habits is to look at the current lifestyle and make a small list of everything that is not good for health and start the process of breaking such habits one by one.

d. Why do you think an addiction like smoking is worse than snacking on junk food?
Ans: I think addiction like smoking is worse than snacking on junk food because one can out
exercise a diet of fast food, but nothing will allow one to escape the harmful effects of the
addictive nature of cigarettes. Further, smoking is not only bad for our health but also to our

e. What type of exercise is good for your heart?
Ans: Cardiovascular exercise like walking, jogging or walking on a treadmill a few times a week is good for our heart.

2. Write short answers to the following questions. (5×2=10)

a. Why were the people in the neighbourhood surprised at the role of the young man and his wife within their family? (Neighbours)
Ans: The people in the neighbourhood were surprised at the role of the young man and his wife in the family because of the late hour at which the newcomers got up in the mornings. Their neighbours were also shocked by the young man's decision to stay at home and write his thesis while his wife worked outside.

b. How does the author make fun using the words 'America' and 'the USA? (A Devoted Son)
Ans: The author makes fun of the way people think about America and The USA. The USA Seems like a more weighty and prestigious word to Verma. That's why, he suggested to the family member as well, to call it "The USA" rather than 'America'. According to him, America is just a common nation like Nepal, India. But the USA is such a dream nation of students where students develop their career. Verma feels, calling it 'The USA' feels more sophisticated, disciplined, academic and career building nation rather than America.

c. Explain the following lines with reference to the context: (The Awakening Age)
Along the line may our lives rhyme
To make a loving harvest of space and time.
Ans: According to the given lines, there will be peace, harmony, and fraternity in any country if everyone is joined by a shared sense of nationalism. In terms of race, culture, religion, politics, and economics, there must be no prejudice or division among people. We can lead our country to prosperity by giving up such things. Nigeria is unified, and its people are conscious of their previous sorrows, so they may now enjoy the benefits of love. People's lives in the new world will be so pleasant and full of rhymes.

d. What is the central idea of the essay Knowledge and Wisdom by Bertrand Russell?
The central idea of the essay Knowledge and Wisdom by Bertrand Russell is that knowledge the acquisition of data and information, while wisdom is defined as the practical application and use of the knowledge to create value. Wisdom is gained through learning and practical experience, not just memorization.

e. How can you say that history has been a major contested issue in this present world?
I think history has been a major contested issue in the present world due to egoism. Most
individuals believe they are the Centre of the universe and that their culture is superior to all 
others. They believe their history is the oldest and that everything is descended or originated
from their culture. Because of egoism, history has become a major source of contention in the
modern world. The author wishes to remove humanity's sense of superiority and domination.

3. Write long answers to the following questions. (2X5=10)

a. Sketch the character of Famous Actress. How is she different from Earnest Young Woman? (A Matter of Husbands)

Ans: The Famous Actress of this play is young and beautiful. She is quite a good actress who works in theatre. She is quite good at acting. She seems so innocent in her outer appearance. But she is quite deceptive and wicked inwardly. Here in this play, she has been suspected and blamed by the Earnest Young Woman. She has a good quality of speech. She defends herself quite tactfully. She convinces Earnest Young Woman with her reasonings. The way she tells stories to prevent a woman from believing that her husband is having an affair with her is cunning and deceitful. She also leads an immoral life which is seen at the end of the story where it is revealed that Alfred, the husband of an Earnest Young Woman, was actually in her house.

The earnest young woman is portrayed as a simple-minded and timid person who was easily
deceived by the false story told by the actress. She had come to the actress in tears completely
sure that her husband was having an affair with the actress. However, the actress told a story to her of how her husband was trying to regain the love he had for her by doing things to get her jealous. Without asking questions, the earnest young woman believed her and bought into the story. In the end, it was revealed that her husband was actually in the actress’s room. This shows that the actress was cunning while the earnest young woman was timid.

b. Write a short summary of the poem A Day by Emily Dickinson.

Ans: In this poem Emily describes the sunset and sunrise, as a village, and the things in that village. But the poem also describes the difficulties of recognizing the world around us. The poem can be divided into two halves: an eight-line section describing the sunrise, and an eight-line section, describing the speaker's lack of knowledge of the sunset. The sunrise is described in terms of a small village, with church steeples, town news, and ladies' bonnets. The sunset, on the other hand, is characterized as the gathering home of a flock. In this poem she probes nature's mysteries through the lens of the rising and setting Sun.

Emily begins by emphasizing that she is going to tell her audience 'How the Sun rose.' She symbolically compares the Sun's rays to ribbons that are let loose one at a time. The colorful rays slowly untangle over the ocean where the church steeples seem to 'swim in Amethyst.' As the bright fire of the Sun appears, the darkened blackness first turns blue, before taking on its brightness in the full glow of the Sun. Then suddenly the Sun's appearance spreads quickly. Emily then tells us how the entire nature is waking up and color can be seen as far away as the hills, while the birds have started to sing.

Emily then emphasizes in her surprised musing, 'That must have been the Sun!' It seems as if she was seeing it for the first time and wondering at the effect the mere rising of the Sun has had on all that she sees. Though when she says that 'But how he set, I know not' leads the readers to some drama and ambiguity about her thoughts. It seemed to her that as the sunset, she saw 'a purple stile' where little Yellow boy and girls were climbing.' She sees children climbing over a barrier, possibly going home after a day of tending sheep or perhaps simply on their way home from school.

After climbing the stile, the children finally reach the other side, which signs the lowest point of the Sun before it disappears to rise again in the other world. And what causes the Sun to finally disappear is that a or perhaps even a householder shepherd closes a gate and leads away the flock of children or perhaps sheep. At this point, the speaker would be in darkness and have no idea what happens next.

4. What is the most useful thing that you have ever learnt? Write two or three of paragraphs about it. 7

Ans: The most important thing I have learned in my life is that life is too short to be sad all the time. Neither can you face life’s journey on your own. Of course I wouldn’t be saying that if it was a year ago.

My life started to slow down when I got to my 9th grade year. I thought that every day I was just living for no reason. I was always sad and never had any friends. My mom would always ask me why I never smiled. I couldn’t really give her an answer. I was scared to tell her that I didn’t have a reason to be happy, so I told her that she was wrong, and I did smile. I knew I was lying to myself, but I said it so many times it became real to me.

I felt like the worst kid a parent could have. I never tried out for any sports and I wasn’t involved with any clubs. I loved to sleep and listen to music in my room for hours. I was isolating myself from the world. I started to feel like no one cared about me. After all, I never had a conversation lasting for more than a few minutes, without it ending in an argument.

All my relationships started to fail. My parents seemed to get angrier at me. I felt like everyone hated me because I was sad. I wished I could be happier, but I really didn’t have a reason to. I started to feel comfortable being sad and I really didn’t want to go back to being my old self.

Things just went more down hill from there. People would come into my life and break me down. They would promise me the world, and then crush me so bad I could never pick up the pieces. I started to hate the world. I definitely didn’t want to have anybody in my life.

Then one day came when I finally realized what was going on. I knew if I kept living my life this way something bad was going to happen. I definitely didn’t want that. So, I thought of ways to get out of it. A lot of bad things came up that I tried and didn’t work.

Then I started searching for the solution if the problem. I started gaining self confidence. I started searching in social media about it. Later, I realized that I needed meditation. I started meditating which made me feel lighter. It took away all my pressures and anxiety. I started realizing the meaning of life. Because of it, I am here now and sharing my experience. Thus, the most important thing I learnt in my life is self confidence and love toward life.

5. You have received this email from your friend Nitesh.

From: Nitesh

Subject: Holiday

Some school friends of mine are visiting your village soon for a week's touring holiday. They would like to travel around about your local area and understand its history. Can you tell me about some of the places they could visit please? What's the best way to travel around – bus, car, bike or on foot?



Write a reply email to Nitesh. 8

From: Iswori

To: Nitesh

Subject: Re: Holiday

Hi Nitesh!

Lovely to hear from you and how exciting that some of your school friends are coming!
Your friends have picked a great area for a week’s touring holiday. Our village Pokhara is full of touristy places.

There are many natural and cultural things to see in Pokhara. Talking about lakes and waterfalls, the first lake they can visit is Phewa Lake. Phewa lake is surrounded by the forests and white peaks. The clear reflections on the water is something they must see. Away from all the city hustle lies another beautiful lake. Begnas Lake is quite and very peaceful. The walk along this lake is quite rejuvenating. David Fall is another attractive place to visit.

Pokhara has different caves to visit like Mahendra Cave, Bat Cave and Gupteshwor Mahadev Cave. Besides Pokhara is rich in terms of religious temples like Barahi and Bhadrakali.

Your friends can do adventures like hiking, trekking, boating and paragliding in Pokhara.

As for food, there's quite a variety here. I'd recommend trying Green Momo and Thakali khana - they're both really typical foods. They can also eat well and cheaply at street markets. They should definitely check them out.

As for travelling, I’d recommend travelling on foot in order to get full experience of Pokhara. However, it is not bad to travel by car or bike.

Can't wait to see them all!

6. Many students in Nepal tend to choose to study abroad. To what extent does this
trend benefit the students and the country? What are the drawbacks? Write an essay
to explain your thoughts in about 300 words. 10


Advantages and Disadvantages of Studying Abroad

Studying abroad, for many students in Nepal, sounds like a dream come true. The opportunity to travel and experience a new way of life can be a great opportunity. While studying abroad brings many benefits to students and the country, it also has a number of disadvantages.

It helps in turning education into an adventure. Change is always good though it is change for further study it will add more adventure in your life while adjusting with the new circumstances. Studying abroad helps add a special plus point in your resume. Most of the MNC gives opportunities to those who have abroad study experiences. After this students will have better employment prospects.

Choosing study abroad helps students to meet several nationalities and you can learn some inspiration from their life. As the students will be in new circumstances, the mix of new cultures, traditions, languages helps you to learn a lot about the new culture and traditions. Abroad study helps in developing independence level. As much as they stay alone far from your home country, it makes you more independent and responsible.

Definitely as compared to Nepal other countries have advanced teaching and learning systems. You can learn new techniques if you seek education abroad. As focused on career, study abroad opens a lot of opportunities in a good pay ratio. Not only in the international market but also in their own hometown they will get good recognition. Also it opens ways to run own business. During the course of study students can get opportunities of interacting with top successful people in the field of study. Top universities hire them to motivate them for the successful future ahead. Whenever they choose abroad for further study, they choose the option of meeting international friends. This increases a lot of networks among the cross cultural friends.

Only education is not enough for making your career successful you must have personal traits too to accomplish your goal. And more than study you will get a chance to develop your personal skills. Along with the study you will get a chance to work there also. Working In the international market helps in exploring the foreign countries working style and helps in adopting the foreign experience. This this sense, Nepal gets skilled manpower.

However, there are some drawbacks of studying abroad.

The cost of education in abroad is comparatively higher than that of studying in home country. While applying also students need to arrange a lot of money for getting admission as well as a visa. As they need to invest a lot for further study, their hopes and expectations also rise as per their investment. After completion of their study they will think or expect something more than getting graduation from their own country.

The next demerit is language barriers. As in abroad they give first priority to their own language then after English. So if they IELTS or can communicate in English then also theg may feel a barrier of language in the early phase of study.

As they need to face different cultures, sometimes while learning or adopting new culture they may adopt some unethical things in their home country. So somewhat students should be very conscious of what is right and wrong for him. As they will be abroad will be far from the friends, family and relatives and makes them feel lonely and homesickness may affect them. In a new place you may face racism and harassment. In such a situation they need to be strong enough and try to avoid the things.

Most of the students don’t return Nepal after going abroad for foreign study. They settle themselves in foreign country which is a matter to think.

Although, studying abroad has infinite advantages for both students and country, it has few disadvantages too. It depends on how students take it.

7. Do as indicated in the brackets and rewrite the sentences. (10×1=10)

a. I’m going to tell you something very important, so please listen carefully (Complete the
sentence with an appropriate adverb.)

b. The old man died of a heart attack. (Put the correct preposition in the blank.)

c. More than one person isgoing to have to find a new job. (Put the correct verb in the

d. You'll have to (has to/have to/must/had to) tell the police that your house was broken into. (Choose the correct option from the bracket to complete the sentence.)

e. He only realized he had lost his keys when he reached his front door. (Complete the sentence using correct forms of verbs: lose)

f. A lot of people are worried about losing (to lose/losing) their jobs. (Choose the correct option from the bracket to complete the sentence.)

g. Although the AC was on, the room was not cool. (Put a correct conjunction in the blank to complete the sentence.)

h. Between 2000 and 2005 she wrote three novels, none of which (neither of which/none which/none of which) were published. (Choose the correct option from the bracket to complete the sentence.)

i. I like people laughing at me. (Change into passive.)

Ans: I like being laughed at.

j. Could you please open the window? (Report this with the reporting clause: She requested …..)

Ans: She requested me to open the window.

8. Choose and copy the correct answer. (5×1=5)

a. Which of the following words has a different initial sound?
i. check ii. chess iii. chemical iv. chairman
Ans: iii. chemical

b. The last sound in the word 'push' is transcribed as
i. /ʃ/ ii. /z/ iii. /s/ iv. /tʃ/
Ans: i. /ʃ/

c. I can't ….. the pain.
i. bare ii. bear iii. beer iv. bore
Ans: ii. bear

d. Which word would you find in a dictionary that comes between the guide words: kiwi ...
i. king ii. Kitty iii. knob iv. knife
Ans: iv. knife

e. The babysitter ….. the girl while her parents were not at home.
i. looked after ii. looked at iii. looked over iv. looked up
Ans: looked after

2. Neb Class 12 Final Question Paper 2079 with Solution | Compulsory English Class 12 Province 4

NEB-GRADE XII: Province 4

2079 (2022)

Compulsory English (New course)

Candidates are required to give their answers in their own words as far as practicable. The figures in the margin indicate full marks.

Time: 3 hrs.

Full Marks: 75

Attempt all the questions

1. Read the following text and complete the tasks that follow. 15

Today, bicycles are elegantly simple machines that are common around the world. Many people ride bicycles for recreation, whereas others use them as a means of transportation. The first bicycle, called a draisienne, was invented in Germany in 1818 by Baron Karl de Drais de Sauerbrun. Because it was made of wood, the draisienne wasn't very durable nor did it have pedals. Riders moved it by pushing their feet against the ground. In 1839, Kirkpatrick Macmillan, a Scottish blacksmith, invented a much better bicycle. Macmillan's machine had tires with iron rims to keep them from getting worn down. He also used foot-operated cranks, similar to pedals, so his bicycle could be ridden at a quick pace. It didn't look much like the modern bicycle, though, because its back wheel was substantially large than its front wheel. Although Machmillan's bicycles could be ridden easily, they were never produced in large numbers. In 1861, Frenchman Pierre Michaux and his brother Ernest invented a bicycle with an improved crank mechanism. They called their bicycle a velocipede, but most people called it a "bone shaker" because of the jarring effect of the wood and iron frame. Despite the unflattering nickname, Velocipede was a hit. After a few years, the Michaux family was making hundreds of the machines annually, mostly for fun-seeking young people.

Ten years later, James Starley, an English inventor, made several innovations that revolutionized bicycle design. He made the front wheel many times larger than the back wheel, put a gear on the pedals to make the bicycle more efficient, and lightened the wheels by using wire spokes. Although this bicycle was much lighter and less tiring to ride, it was still clumsy, extremely top-heavy, and ridden mostly for entertainment. It wasn't until 1874 that the first truly modern bicycle appeared on the scene. Invented by another Englishman, H.J.Lawson, the safety bicycle would look familiar to today's cyclists. The safety bicycle had equal-sized wheels, which made it much less prone to toppling over. Lawson also attached a chain to the pedals to drive the rear wheel. By 1993, the safety bicycle had been further improved with air-filled rubber tires, a diamond-shaped frame, and easy braking. With the improvements provided by Lawson, bicycles became extremely popular and useful for transportation. Today, they are built, used, and enjoyed all over the world.

A. Look at the highlighted words in the text. Complete the following sentences using them. Two of them are not necessary. 5x1=5

a. The invention of bicycle improved travel.

b. The invention of bicycle revolutionized the way of life.

c. The fields next to the school are always used for recreation.

d. Unfortunately, her movements were rather clumsy.

e. The old stone steps had been worn down by years of use.

B. Read the text again and write

  • TRUE if the statement agrees with the information given in the text.
  • FALSE if the statement contradicts the information given in the text. 
  • NOT GIVEN if there is no information in the text.


a. The pedalled bicycle was first invented in Germany. FALSE

b. Macmillan's bicycle resembled today's bicycle. FALSE

c. The alternation of velocipedes made the life of people much easier. NOT GIVEN

d. The changes made by British inventors altered the wheels to make pedalling more efficient. TRUE

e. Chain-driven bicycles were first made in France. FALSE

C. Answer the following questions. 5x1=5

a. How did the riders move 'draisiene'?


The riders moved 'draisiene' by pushing their feet against the ground.

b. What improvements were made to the bicycle invented in 1839?


The following improvements were made to the bicycle invented in 1839.

  • It had tires and iron rims.
  • It had foot-operated cranks, similar to pedals.
  • The wheel at back was large in size.

c. Why do you think Macmillan used iron rims in his machine?


I think Macmillan used iron rims in his machine to keep it from getting worn down.

d. What can be assumed from the text?


The following things can be assumed from the text:

  • The history and chronological development in the inventions of bicycle. 
  • The contributions of different inventors in inventing bicycle. 

e. What is the purpose of the text?


The purpose of the text is to give information to all the readers regarding the chronological inventions and development of bicycle in the world. 

2. Write short answers to the following questions based on the textbook. 5x2=10

a) What does 'fractured dialogue' mean in the story? (Neighbours)


The "fractured dialogue" in the story means the broken and colloquial language which the neighbours of the new couple speak most of the time. During winter, the new couple hear their varieties of stories and seem so intoxicated in their fractured dialogues and even involve themselves in shouting along with them.

b) What in your opinion is the moral of the story The Treasure in the Forest'?


The moral of the story "The Treasure in the Forest" is that we shouldn't be greedy. Greed invites destructive results all the time. Due to the greed of Ivans and Hooker, they have lost lost their lives at the end.

c) Explain the following lines with reference to the context: (I Was My Own Route)

At each advancing step on my route forward

my back was ripped by the desperate flapping wings

of the old guard.


In the second stanza, the speaker states that her forward advancing new route still has full of obstacles to traditional patriarchal norms and values. For her, the desperate flapping wings (patriarchal norms and values) of the old guard (traditionalist) are still obstacles on her way ahead. Due to all these, she feels broken. These obstacles of the old guard are still with her on the new paths that have ripped her back. The path which she has chosen right now even has obstacles of patriarchal norms and values.

d) In what way is marriage an institution? Explain. (Marriage as a Social Institution)


Marriage is an institution as it is culturally patterned and integrated into other basic social institutions, such as education, economy, and politics.

e) What are the universal human abilities? (Humility)


According to the essay, morality, art, spirituality, and creativity are universal human abilities.

3. Write long answers to the following questions. 2x5=10

a) How can you say that 'Facing Death' is a modern tragedy? (Facing Death)


By modern tragedy, we mean a play dealing with tragic events and having an unhappy ending, especially one concerning the downfall of the main character.

The play "Facing Death" is a modern tragedy as it ends with the tragic death of the protagonist Mr. Durand. Modern tragedy deals with realistic representations and common problems. Realism and naturalism are the main features of modern play.

The protagonist of a modern tragedy is a common man. Furthermore, modern tragedy deals with the problems of the modern individual such as dysfunctional family relationships, socio-cultural problems, loneliness, etc. Characters become victims of their socio-cultural environment, fate, economic class, gender, external environment, etc.

Here in this play, we find the exact features of modern tragedy. This play has presented the life of common modern man with an immense crisis in his life. Due to economic hardships, he has been suffering a lot along with his three daughters. In the play, we can easily find problems of bad relationships and poor economic status. Mr. Durand, a common modern man has suffered a lot due to economic difficulties. This play also ends with the tragic downfall of the main character Mr. Durand. He kills himself and even burns his house for the welfare of his three daughters. This play has presented realism as well as naturalism.

b) Gabriel Gracia Marquez illustrates the themes of abuse and cruelty in the story 'An Old Man with Enormous Wings'. Do you agree or disagree with this statement? Give your opinion with reference to the context. (An Old Man with Enormous Wings)


Yes, I agree with this statement. Here, the story's author Gabriel Gracia Marquez illustrates the theme of abuse and cruelty by presenting an old weak man with enormous wings and his plight in front of many people. Due to old man's strange appearance, the crowd of people queue in front of Pelayo and Elisenda's house. The story has examined the human response to those who are weak, dependent, and different. The story shows human nature-related curiosity, greed and cruelty.

Here, we find abuse and cruelty of people who come to watch the old man from different places. They try to harass the old man doing various bad deeds. Their curiosity makes them do bad things against the old man. As a weak and old guy, the old man remains motionless inside his coop. But the crowd of people try their best to disturb him. They prod him with hot iron pokers when they find him inactive. They try to pull out his feathers to touch defective parts and throw stones at him to make him stand. The miserable old man responds in anger, flapping his wings and yelling in his strange language.

Here, the nature of humans has presented the bitter reality that powerful beings always show their cruelty and abuse against weak as well as powerless beings.

4. 'Social Media' can have both positive and negative effects. Write your views on social media in about 150 words. 7

Social media is a modern platform that has become quite popular these days because of its user-friendly features. Various platforms of social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and more are providing people with a chance to connect across distances. In the present time, the youths are especially one of the most dominant users of social media. Talking about the use of social media, different people have different opinions on this debatable topic. So here in this essay, we will see the advantages and disadvantages of social media.

Advantages of Social Media

If we talk about the positive aspect of social media, we find numerous advantages. Following are the advantages of social media 

1. Social media is one of the most important as well as a fine way to achieve education. With the help of social media, students can easily acquire educational ideas. They can educate themselves on varieties of topics using social media.

2. Students can get a chance to learn online through the use of social media. They can attend any live lectures sitting inside their rooms.

3. With the help of social media, people can get news, views and reviews. They can always update themselves on the latest happenings of the world through it. They get a chance to be more socially aware of the issues of the world.

4. Social media strengthens bonds with our loved ones. Because of social media, distance is not a big deal anymore. We can easily communicate with our friends as well as relatives overseas.

5. Social media also provides a great platform for people to showcase their talent for free. People can get great opportunities for employment & entertainment through social media too.

6. Social media benefits companies who wish to promote their brands. Social media has become a hub for advertising and offered us great opportunities for connecting with the customer.

Disadvantages of Social Media

Despite having so many unique benefits, social media is also considered one of the most harmful elements of the society.

Following are the disadvantages of social media.

1. Social media has become an addiction for school-going children. Students uselessly spend their time on social media forgetting their educational tasks. 

2. Social media invades your privacy like never before. Due to social media, most illegal activities are increasing in our society. Cyberbullying is one of the problems in the present time.

3. Most people are on the wrong track due to social media. Youths' minds are corrupted due to open and free pornography videos on social media. 

4. Illegal activities like harassment, abuse, blackmailing etc are done on social media. Fake news, rumours etc divert people's minds most of the time.

Thus, we must take advantage of social media. We should not use social media for bad works. If we Misuse it, it will have adverse effects on us.

5. Write a letter to the editor of a national daily newspaper on environmental pollution in about 180 words. 8


Date: 2079/02/16


Tripura Sundari Rural Municipality

Sindhupalchok (Nepal)


The editor of

National Daily Newspaper 

Subject: Environment Pollution 

Respected Sir, 

Today, I would like to write about the number one problem of the present world which is environmental pollution. 

Pollution means impurity of land, air, water, food etc. Now, human beings are facing the problem of pollution because of the high population growth, large scale of unmanaged industries in the human settlements etc. People are ignorant of pollution. They are making their surroundings polluted by doing different activities. It is not the problem of a single country. It is widespread all over the world. It has created many problems. People have suffered from different kinds of diseases caused by environmental pollution. Air, water, land, food etc. are the most important elements of living things. When these elements are polluted, it creates many problems.

Human beings are the main cause of environmental pollution. The population is increasing day by day. People have moved to the forest where they cut trees for settlement and cultivation. Many kinds of wild animals and birds are disappearing. Soil erosion, desertification, landslide etc. have been common. The source of water has dried up. In city areas, there are no open places for recreation. Houses can be seen everywhere. We can see heaps of garbage everywhere. Air is mixed with smoke caused by vehicles and industries. There is also sound pollution. Many people have lost their hearing power. Men are born crippled, blind, dull etc. People cannot get fresh air to breathe. There is a lack of fresh water to drink. Food is also polluted. It has been too late to solve the problem. Population growth should be controlled. Industries, factories etc. should be set up far from the city places. Environment education should be given to the people. Forest should be protected. The government should make strong laws for those people who pollute the environment.

6. Compared to online teaching and learning, students learn much better with their physical presence in the classroom. To what extent do you agree with this statement? Write an essay in about 300 words expressing your opinion. 10


I fully agree with this statement. In the comparison of online as well as digital teaching and learning, the classroom teaching and learning method in presence of students is far better.

I think there are various pros of classroom teaching that online education will find hard to replace. Following are the pros of classroom teaching and learning.

1. Classroom teaching and learning activities always promote a collaborative learning system. This type of learning increases students' self-awareness about how other students learn and enables them to learn more easily and effectively. It transforms the students into keen learners inside and beyond the classroom.

2. Classroom teaching and learning activities enhance critical thinking skills. It allows students a fine opportunity to engage themselves in live discussions in which they are forced to use their critical thinking skills to formulate opinions or arguments.

3. Classroom teaching and learning activities Improve the social skills of the students. In the classroom, students experience social interactions with peers and establish rapport with teachers. 

4. Classroom teaching and learning activities build organizational skills among the students. It teaches students the way to develop organizational skills, beginning with the basics, such as arriving at school on time. In the classroom, students get a chance to engage themselves in various tasks. 

5. These activities keep students stimulated. A teacher's physical presence motivates students through interactive and interesting activities. It enables students to retain more than what they have learned during a session. Teachers can modify their teaching style based on the type of learners in their class i.e. classroom activities can help visual learners, conversations can help auditory learners, etc. Teachers can get a clear idea of whether students are following what has been taught or need further clarification. Also, students can get their doubts cleared immediately before proceeding with any subject.

6. Classroom teaching and learning activities develop important personality and career-building skills. When it comes to presenting their ideas confidently in front of peers, classroom teaching develops conflict resolution skills, and presentation skills develop team spirit and teach them to get along with people from different cultural backgrounds. Such experiences are quite valuable in shaping students' communication and listening skills, as well as growing and maturing emotionally.

7. Do as indicated in the brackets and rewrite the sentences. 10x1=10

a) The cool breeze blew ….. on her face. (Complete the sentence with an appropriate adverb.)


b) All the celebrations and parties were called...…because of the tragic accident. (Put the correct preposition in the blank.)


c) The food is really good at that restaurant. They...… (will/can/must/should) have a great chef. (Choose the correct option from the bracket to complete the sentence.)


d) The master along with his three servants...…. (is/am/are) going to the court. (Choose the correct verb from the bracket to complete the sentence.)


e) His company is greatly...….after. (Complete the sentence using the correct form of the verb 'seek'.)


f) We look forward to...….. (hear/hearing) from you soon. (Choose the correct option from the bracket to complete the sentence.)


g)…he is rich, he is always dressed in rags. (Put correct conjunction in the blank to complete the sentence.)


h) He is the man...… (who/whom/whose) son plays football for Three Star Club. (Choose the correct option from the bracket to complete the sentence.)


i) I want my students to respect me. (Change into passive.)

Ans: I want to be respected by my students. 

j) Did you hear me? (Report this with the reporting clause: She asked...…)

Ans: She asked if I had heard her.

8. Choose and copy the correct answer. 5x1=5

a) Which of the following words has a different final sound?

(ii) boys

(i) cats

(iii) girls

(iv) houses

Ans: (i) cats

b) The initial sound in the word 'maple' is transcribed as ….

(i) /m/

(ii) /n/

(iii) /p/

(iv) /s/

Ans: (i) /m/

c) Prices seem to...…. every year.

i) raise

(ii) rise

(iii) raised

(iv) rose

Ans: (ii) rise

d) The word 'attire' means...….

i) extremely good

(ii) clothes, especially fine or formal ones,

(iii) thin and easily torn

(iv) clear

Ans: ii) clothes, especially fine or formal ones.

e) My car broke down while I was driving.

i) broke up

ii) broke off

(iii) broke down

(iv) broke in

Ans: (iii) broke down

3. Neb Class 12 Final Question Paper 2079 with Solution | Compulsory English Class 12 Province 1

NEB - GRADE XII 2079 (2022): Province 1

Compulsory English New course

Candidates are required to give their answers in their own words as far as practicable. The figures in the margin indicate full marks.

Time: 3 hrs.

Full Marks: 75

Attempt all the questions

1. Read the following text and complete the tasks that follow.

Call it a blessing or a curse of Mother Nature, we have to breathe in over 10,000 litres of air in a day (more than four million litres in a year) to remain alive. By making it essential for life, God has wished that we try to keep the air we breathe clean. Everyone can see the food that is not clean and perhaps refrain from eating it, but one cannot stop breathing even if one can feel the air to be polluted.

Several harmful and noxious substances can contaminate the air we breathe. Generally, much is said and written about outdoor air pollution, most of which is due to vehicular and industrial exhausts.

Given the fact that most of us spend over 90% of our time indoors, it is most important to recognise that the air we breathe in at home or in offices can be polluted. It can be a cause of ill-health. Air pollutants that are generally present in very low concentrations can assume significance in closed ill-ventilated places.

The indoor air pollution can lead to allergic reactions and cause irritation to the skin, the eyes and the nose. But as is logical to assume, the brunt of insult by pollutants is borne by the lungs. It can lead to the development of fresh breathing problems, especially in those who have allergic tendencies, or it can worsen the existing respiratory illnesses like asthma and bronchitis. There can be several sources of indoor air pollution. Tobacco smoke is one of the most important air pollutants in closed places. "Passive smoking" or environmental tobacco smoke (ETS) pollution can lead to all the harmful effects of tobacco smoking seen in the smokers in their non-smoking companions. ETS as a health hazard has been unequivocally proven and is also getting social recognition now. One can occasionally see signs displaying the all-important message: "Your smoking is injurious to my health" in offices and homes. The children of smoking parents are among the worst affected persons.

The exposure of young children to ETS leads to increased respiratory problems and hospital admissions as compared to non-exposed children. Several studies, including those done at the PGI, have shown an increased risk of lung cancer among women exposed to passive smoking. ETS also worsens the existing lung diseases like asthma and bronchitis. It may be responsible for the development of asthma in children.

The next most important source of indoor air pollution is the allergens. House dust mites (HDM) are very small insects not visible to the naked eye and are the commonest source of allergy in the house. They are ubiquitous and thrive in a warm and moist atmosphere. They breed very fast and very difficult to eradicate. Modern houses present ample breeding spaces for them in the form of carpets, curtains, mattresses, pillows, etc.

Exposure to HDM can be prevented by the frequent washing of linen and by encasing the mattresses and pillows in a non-permeable cover. Pets form an important part of life for some of us. But they can add plenty of allergens to our indoor atmosphere. Cats are notorious for doing this.

A. Fill in the gaps with suitable information from the text above. 5x1=5

a. If a person knows that the food is not edible, s/he will ….. eating it.

refrain from

b. Indoor pollution may cause fresh breathing problems as well as it can ….the existing ones.


c. According to the text, …. is the major contributor of in-house air pollution.

tobacco smoke

d. ETS stands for …..

Environmental Tobacco Smoke

e. House dust mites are not … to the naked eyes.


B. Rewrite the given sentences substituting the words in the bold face with that of the bold faced words from the text. 5x1=5

a. Computers have become an indispensable part of human life.
: Computers have become an essential part of human life.

b. The Prime Minister called his colleagues to talk about the price hike.
: The Prime Minister called his companions to talk about the price hike.

c. The markets are unambiguously showing the bad signs of state economy.
: The markets are unequivocally showing the bad signs of state economy.

d. The government has planned to abolish poverty by 2025.
: The government has planned to eradicate poverty by 2025.

e. Those bars stopped many animals from entering the garden.
: Those bars prevented many animals from entering the garden.

C. Answer these questions. 5x1=5

a. How much air is needed for a person to breathe annually ?


More than four million litres of air is needed for a person to breathe annually.

b. What, according to the text, are the major pollutants of outdoor air ?


According to the text, vehicular and industrial exhausts are the major pollutants of outdoor air.

c. Do you think it is always safe for breathing inside your house ? Why ?


I don't think it is always safe for breathing inside our house because air pollutants that are generally present in very low concentrations can assume significance in closed ill-ventilated places.

d. Are modern houses safe from house dust mites ? Why ?


No, modern houses aren't safe from house mites because they are very small insects not visible to the naked eye and are the commonest source of allergy in the house. 

e. Do you think keeping dogs and cats inside your house is safe ? Why ? Why not ?


I don't think keeping dogs and cats inside our house is safe because these pets can add plenty of allergens to our indoor atmosphere. Cats are notorious for doing this.

2. Write short answers to the following questions. 5x2=10

a) Why did the young man begin to weep at the end of the story ? (Neighbours)


The young man began to weep at the end of the story because he found unexpected support from his neighbours, especially during his child's birth. He realised the value of human relationships.

b) How did Evan and Hooker know about the treasure ? (The Treasure in the Forest)


Evans and Hooker knew about the treasure by listening to the secret talks of the three Chinese men in the forest. The three Chinese men were sitting in front of a fire just behind some bushes and talking quietly about the treasure in an English accent. Both Evans and Hooker moved towards them stealthily and heard their plan related to the hidden Spanish treasure.

c) Who are the people 'who travel the meridian line ? (The Awakening Age)


The people 'who travel the meridian line' are those fragmented Nigerian people who have been divided into two sects the south and the north due to the devastating civil war. These people suffered a lot in the war due to hunger, poverty, unemployment and other aspects of their lives.

d) What are the universal human abilities according to Harari ? (Humility)


Morality, art, spirituality, and creativity are universal human abilities according to Harari.

e) Why did Monsieur Durand sell his life insurance ? (Facing Death)


Monsieur sold his life insurance because he wanted to pay off the debtor's loan. His economic status wasn't so good whereas the debtor was quite angry with him for not paying the dues.

3. Write long answers to the following questions. 2x5=10

a) Discuss the six dimensions of normative marriage in America. (Marriage as a Social Institution)


Marriage is present everywhere but the concept of marriage differs from place to place. Every society has its own norms and values regarding marriage. Whatever the case, it gives two adults of different genders the legal right to live as life partners fulfilling each other's wishes. Every marriage everywhere follows norms and patterns, the same is the case in the USA. The patterned marriage known as normative marriage follows six dimensions in America. They are:

1. Marriage is a free personal choice, based on love.

2. Maturity is a presumed requirement for marriage.

3. Marriage is a heterosexual relationship.

4. The husband is the head, and principal earner, in a marriage.

5. Sexual fidelity (faithfulness) and monogamy are expectations for marriage.

6. Marriage typically involves children. 

b) Is 'The Bull' a satire against the feudal system of the Rana period ? How ? Justify your answer.


Yes, the play 'The Bull' is a satire against the feudal system of the Rana period. This play has presented the feudal system and its bad deeds against ordinary people. Here, we find suppression, domination and dehumanization of the feudal system. The cowherds have been presented so panic who live by the mercy and grace of their lord. These people have fearful lives where the lord's animal is given more facility, respect and care than them. Both of them hide the fact of the dead bull and pretend in front of the king to save their lives. The play makes a satire on the feudal system by presenting dehumanization and suppression of the feudal lord against their workers.

4. Write a news story with the help of the given clues :– 7

Nepal beat Oman by 39 runs-Kathmandu, February 10 - First match of the ICC Men's T20 World Cup Qualifier - Held in Al Amarat Cricket Ground- Oman won the toss and choose to bowl - Total 117 runs' score to chase for Oman- Kushal Bhurtel of Nepal scored a half century off 42 balls-Oman all out only at 78 runs in the 17th over.


Nepal Beat Oman by 39 Runs

Kathmandu Post


The match between Nepal and Oman was quite interesting last day at Al Amarat Cricket Ground, Oman. The very first match of the ICC Men's T20 World Cup Qualifier between Nepal and Oman was full of entertainment. Oman won the toss and elected to bowl at first. Nepali players put a total score of 117 runs on the board to chase for Oman. Nepali player Kushal Bhurtel performed so well with his bat and scored a half-century off 42 balls. Oman players kept on hitting the wrong shots most of the time. They got all out only at 78 runs in the 17th over. The hooting of Nepali supporters had also a very important role in this win. They kept on supporting the Nepali team most of the time on the ground. Their hooting encouraged Nepali players a lot.

5. Write a letter to the editor of a local newspaper complaining about the massive deforestation in your locality. 8


Date: 2079/02/16

Rampur- 5

T. S Rural Municipality Sindhupalchok (Nepal) 

To the editor

The Sindhu Daily

Subject: Massive Deforestation in my Locality.

Respected Sir, 

I'm a student in grade 12. I live in Rampur VDC-5. It lies in the Sindhupalchok district. Today, I have put forward this piece of letter to you especially to make a complaint against the people who are on the wrong track of destroying forests of my locality. Their illegal activities have increased the destruction of trees. Trees are the real source of our life. But the selfish people of my locality keep on chopping the trees down most of the time. Due to their bad deeds of destruction, the entire village is looking greenery less and so ugly. This problem should be cared immediately otherwise it will surely invite a dark future for all. The trees are massively being chopped down. These people are doing their illegal task fearlessly. I would like to make my humble request to you to publish my article in your daily newspaper to alert all these people who are busy doing all these illegal activities. Hoping for your kind response.

Yours sincerely

Iswori Rimal

6. Garbage management in many big cities in Nepal has been a serious issue. Write an essay in about 300 words on 'Garbage Management in Nepal'. 10


Garbage Management in Nepal

Garbage management is a big problem in most big cities in Nepal. This has been a serious issue. Kathmandu city of Nepal has been plagued by garbage for the past 20 years. In the present time most cities of Nepal are also suffering from this problem.

In most cities of Nepal, garbage management is considered one of the major problems. At present, most cities and towns of Nepal are badly polluted. Talking about our capital city Kathmandu, it is on the list of polluted cities all over the world. This capital city has been suffering from garbage management for the last two decades. The other cities of Nepal are also in the same way of pollution.

Most Nepalese people in the city areas are facing this problem of pollution in their every single day. Due to this increment in pollution, people are suffering from different kinds of air-borne diseases. In the present, people are seen leaving the attraction of city areas due to the problems of pollution. The foreign tourists also seem disappointed to find the worse conditions of our cities. The odour of garbage is everywhere in the city areas. Garbage and its management have become the number one problem for the government too. Pollution has affected most of the places of Nepal.

Here in this essay, I would like to suggest some ways of solving garbage management to all our Nepali people. Following are some ways:

1. The government, as well as concerned authority, has to think seriously about this management system.

2. People should be much more responsible and avoid throwing garbage randomly.

4. We should try to recover and recycle inorganic garbage according to its nature.

5. Household wastes should be properly managed. Organic wastes of the house should be properly used to make compost manure. 

6. Plastic bags should be banned. Cotton bags should be used instead of them.

Government as well as people must think about this problem seriously. Therefore, I would like to request you to publish this letter in your newspaper and make pressure on the concerned authorities to take immediate action to solve this problem as soon as possible.

7. Do as instructed in the brackets and rewrite the following sentences.10x1=10

a) Drive ....... or else you might have an accident. (Complete the sentence with a suitable adverb.)


b) Neither the tracksuit nor the pajamas … (fit) me. (Put the correct form of the verb given in the bracket.)


c) She is suspected ….. (at/of/in/to) stealing money. (Choose the correct preposition to complete the sentence.)


d) These tasks are very important. You ...... (will/can/can't/must) finish them by tomorrow. (Choose the correct modal verb.)


e) He ...... good breakfast before he set out. (Write the suitable form of the verb 'have' in the blank.)


f) My father is fond of ................. (garden/gardening/ to garden). He keeps himself busy caring the flowers in the garden. (Choose the correct word to complete the sentence.)


g) She worked hard. She didn't pass her exam. (Join these sentences with 'although'.

Ans: Although she worked hard, she didn't pass her exam.

h) He is the consultant...….(whose/who/which) advice I rely on. (Choose the correct relative pronoun.)


i) Did they confess the crime ? (Change into passive voice.)

Ans: Was the crime confessed by them?

j) Please, help the poor. (Report the sentence; beginning with: He requested.....)

Ans: He requested to help the poor.

8. Choose and copy the correct alternatives 5x1=5

a) Which of the following words has the same initial sound as in the word 'cosmopolitan' ?

(i) chimney (ii) caretaker (iii) citrus (iv) cinematography

Ans: (iv) cinematography

b) The guest have brought a beautiful present for my sister. The word 'present' in the sentence is:

 (i) noun (ii) verb (iii) adverb (iv) adjective

Ans: (i) noun

c) Which of the following words comes between 'rectify' and 'redial' in the dictionary entry ?

 i) rectangle (ii) reconsider (iii) referee

(iv) redeem

Ans: (iv) redeem

d) Which of the following suffixes goes with the word 'colloquial' to produce a new word ?

 i) -hood (ii) -ic (iii) -y (iv) -ion

Ans: (iii) -y

e) It's lovely watching my children ….

 i) grew up (ii) grow up (iii) grows up (iv) grown up

Ans: (ii) grow up

4. Neb Class 12 Final Question Paper 2079 with Solution | Compulsory English Class 12 Province 3

NEB-GRADE XII 2079 (2022): Province 3

Compulsory English New Course

Candidates are required to give their answers in their own words as far as practicable. The figures in the margin indicate full marks.

Time: 3 hrs.

Full Marks: 75

Attempt all questions

Group 'A'

1. Read the following text and complete the tasks that follow. 15

Robert Capa is a name that has for many years been synonymous with war photography. Born in Hungary in 1913 as Friedmann Endre Erno, Capa was forced to leave his native country after his involvement in anti-government protests. Capa had originally wanted to become a writer, but after his arrival in Berlin had first found work as a photographer. He later left Germany and moved to France due to the rise in Nazism. He tried to find work as a Freelance journalist and it was here that he changed his name to Robert Capa, mainly because he thought it would sound more American.

In 1956, after the breakout of the Spanish civil war, Capa went to Spain and it was here over the next three years that he built his reputation as a war photographer. It was here too in 1936 that he took one of his most famous pictures, The Death of a Loyalist Soldier. One of Capa's most famous quotes was if your pictures aren't good enough, you're not close enough'. And he took his attitude of getting close to the action to an extreme. His photograph, The Death of a Loyalist Soldier is a prime example of this as Capa captures the very moment the soldier falls. However, many have questioned the authenticity of this photograph, claiming that it was staged.

When World War Il broke out, Capa was in New York, but he was soon back in Europe covering the war for life magazine. Some of his most famous work was created on 6t June 1944 when Swam ashore with the first assault on Omaha Beach in the D-Day invasion of Normandy. Capa, armed only with two cameras, took more than one hundred photographs in the first hour of the landing, but a mistake in the darkroom during the drying of the film destroyed all but eight frames. It was the images from these frames however that inspired the visual style of Steven Spielberg's Oscar winning movie 'Saving Private Ryan'. When life magazine published the photographs, they claimed that they were slightly out of focus, and Capa later used this as the title of his autobiographical account of the war.

Capa's private life was no less dramatic. He was a friend to many of Hollywood's directors, actors and actresses. In 1943, he fell in love with the wife of the actor Jonn Austin. His affair with her lasted until the end of the war and became the subject of his war memories. He was at one time lover to the actress the subject of his war memories. He was at one time the lover to actress Ingrid Bergman. Their relationship finally ended in 1946 when he refused to settle in Hollywood and went off to Turkey. In 1947, Capa was among a group of photojournalists who founded Magnum photos. This was a cooperative organization set up to support photographers and help them to retain ownership of the copyright to their work. Capa went on to document many other wars. He never attempted to glamorize war though, but to record the horror. He once said, "The desire of any war photographer is to be put out of business."

A. Complete the following sentences using the words highlighted in the text. Two of those words are not necessary. 5x1=5

a. Before the strong wind overturned her boat, the woman managed to come...…


b. After gaining a great deal of knowledge on programming language, the man …. his own software firm.

set up

c. The dispute with the publishing company forced her to work as a …. writer.


d. Despite having a healthy relationship with them, we...…. their invitation to the marriage ceremony.


e. The punitive action made the teenager develop a horrible...… towards the institution.


3. Read the text again and write

  • TRUE if the statement agrees with the information given in the text.
  • FALSE if the statement contradicts the information given in the text.
  • NOT GIVEN if there is no information in the text. 5x1-5

a. Robert Capa adopted his name because he wanted to become an American Citizen. FALSE

b All the images that Capa took in Omaha Beach were damaged. FALSE

c. Capa was famous for his war images. TRUE

d. Magnum photos was founded in Paris. NOT GIVEN

e. Capa wanted his works to show how dreadful war can be. TRUE

C. Read the text again and answer the following questions. 5x1=5

1. What is the original name of Robert Capa?


The original name of Robert Capa is Friedmann Endre Erno.

b. Why did Capa leave Germany?


Capa left Germany because he found the rise of Nazism there.

c. What evidence is given in the text to prove that Robert Capa was a frontline war photographer?


There are various pieces of evidence given in the text to prove that Robert Capa was a frontline war photographer. Following are some of them:

▪︎He built his reputation as a war photographer in Spain.

▪︎He snapped the most famous picture, The Death of a Loyalist Soldier in the year 1936.

▪︎Capa went on to document many other wars.

d. What does the word 'This' in line 16 refer to?


The word 'This' in line 16 refers to an attitude of a photographer of getting close to the action to an extreme. 

e. What is the purpose of this text?


The purpose of this text is to show the career of Robert Capa as a war frontline photographer and provide a lesson regarding the bitter reality of war.

2. Write short answers to the following questions based on the textbook. 5x2=10

a) Mrs. Baroda told her husband she had overcome everything. What do you think she had overcome? (A Respectable Woman)


I think Mrs. Baroda had overcome her inner conflict which bothered her most of the time while Gouvernail was there as a guest. Here the statement is quite puzzling which shocked Mr. Baroda and even the readers.

b) Why does the guide take the tourist to the remote village? (The Half-closed Eyes of The Buddha and the Slowly Sinking Sun)


The guide takes the tourist to the remote village to show him the pulse of reality. He wants to show him poverty, hard labour, miserable living style, and the reality behind the eyes of the poor.

c) What is the theme of the story 'The old man with Enormous wings'?


The theme of the story 'The old man with Enormous wings' is human nature-related curiosity, greed and cruelty. It examines the human response to those who are weak, dependent, and different. 

d) Explain the following lines with reference to the context: (Every Morning I wake)

And thou, I know wilt be the first

To see our best side, not our worst.


These beautiful lines have been taken from Dylan Thomas's religious poem "Every Morning I Wake". Here in these lines, the speaker has put forward the concept of the finest judgement of the almighty God. According to the speaker, God is omniscient ( Knowing all) and knows perfectly about his children. The speaker has deep faith in the finest judgement of God. In the praise of God, he states that almighty God is the first who sees the best as well as positive aspects of all his children ignoring the worst aspects. 

e) What is the difference between knowledge and wisdom, according to Russell? (Knowledge and Wisdom)


According to Russell, both knowledge and wisdom are not synonymous. Russell specifies both aspects by saying that these two aspects are two different things. According to him, knowledge is defined as the acquisition of data and information whereas wisdom is defined as the practical application and use of knowledge to create value. Knowledge is acquired through study, research, experience, etc., but wisdom is acquired through learning and practical experience and not merely by memorization. It tells us how to use this knowledge to our best advantage or for the good of humanity. If knowledge is the engine, wisdom is the driver.

3. Write long answers to the following questions. 2x5-10

a) Justify the title of the story 'A Devoted Son'.


The title of the story "A devoted son" is so apt with the story. This story has mainly focused on the relationship between a father Mr. Varma and his son Rakesh. The story has shown the devotion of Rakesh towards his father. The story has presented the main character Rakesh as a very good son with full of manners. He always respects his family members. He passes his medical education in America and returns to his homeland for the sake of his family members. The act of marrying an uneducated village girl is also for the welfare of his family members. He only thinks about them though they feel surprised about his decision of marrying a village girl. He always remains faithful and honest toward his family members. He only provides them with a sense of pride in his achievements. He never becomes boastful and ungrateful towards his family members. He has tried a lot for his parents in his life. After the death of his mother, he has experienced hardships a lot. His father falls ill frequently and mysteriously. He tries his best to keep his father away from illness and weakness. He never steps back in the matter of his father's care. He only gives priority to his father's health. His father becomes angry with him but he never leaves his devotion toward his father. He remains honest, faithful and devoted to his father till the end.

b) According to a famous actress, men associated with theatre use the theatre actresses to make their estranged wives jealous so as to woo them back. Do you agree with her argument? Why? Why not? (A Mater of Husband)


No, I don't agree with her argument. These are very rare cases. Her statement is so fake and has less connection with the reality of men associated with the theatre. According to her, men associated with theatre use the theatre actresses to make their estranged wives jealous so as to woo them back. Here, we find that she gets blamed for cheating by Earnest Young Woman all of a sudden. To escape herself from that blame, she weaves a false story regarding entire men who are associated with the theatre. Not every man associated with the theatre has a timid, simple-minded and gullible wife. In the case of Alfred, we find a simple-minded wife. The Famous Actress is so cunning woman who has an immoral relationship with Earnest Young Woman's husband Alfred. Both Famous Actress and Alfred are cheating on Earnest Young Woman in the real sense. To convince Earnest Young Woman and save herself from the blame, she makes a so-called statement. 

4. The bar chart shows transport preferences among young people in four districts in a single year.

Neb Class 12 Final Question Paper 2079 with Solution | Compulsory English Class 12 Province 4 by Suraj Bhatt

Summaries the information in about 150 words by selecting and reporting the main features, and make comparisons where relevant.


The bar chart details transport preferences for young people in terms of cars, motorcycles, and bicycles in four districts of Nepal such as Pokhara, Biratnagar, Chitwan and Kathmandu in a year. Looking from an overall perspective, it is readily apparent that motorcycles are more popular in all these places of Nepal. In the matter of using motorcycles, 75% of people from Chitwan and Kathmandu use motorcycles as their means of transportation. In Pokhara and Biratnagar, 60% of people use motorcycles as a means of transportation. 

In the matter of using cars, people from Kathmandu and Chitwan come in the first and second positions respectively. We find people of Pokhara in the third place in the matter of using cars. Very few people use cars in Biratnagar. In Kathmandu 55% of people use cars. In using the bicycles, people from Chitwan come in the first place. 40% of people in Chitwan use bicycles. We find Kathmandu people in fourth place in the matter of using bicycles on roads.

5. Your neighbours have recently written to you complaining about the noise from your house. Write a letter to your neighbours in about 180 words explaining the reasons for the noise; also apologise for the noise. 8


Date: 2079/02/16

Tekanpur: 6

Tripura Sundari Rural Municipality

Sindhupalchok (Nepal)

Respected Sir and Madam, 

We are really very sorry to know about your inconvenience due to our late noisy parties. When we got your letter this very morning, we read it aloud in front of all our family members. Our intention wasn't against you. We really didn't want to disturb you. Actually, we were celebrating these parties late at night with loud songs and music because one of our family members is going to study abroad the day after tomorrow. We would like to apologise to you once again for our noisy parties. While celebrating our parties, we didn't realise about our neighbours' disturbance. We kept on enjoying the parties being unknown of others' problems. I would like to inform you that we are going to celebrate the party this evening too. We would like to promise you that there wouldn't be any noise tonight. We would celebrate our party peacefully. We wouldn't leave any chance of complaint from your side.

Hoping for your kind response.

Yours Sincerely

Rimal's Family and members 

6. During the Covid-19 Pandemic, all the educational institutions were closed, Write an essay in about 300 words on what technologies you used to help you in studies. Describe how it helped you. Use specific reasons and details to support your answer.


During the time of lockdown in my locality, I tried my best in my studies. Away from the physical classroom, I used social media for my studies. Actually, I was so upset to learn about the lockdown. I was too tense about my studies. But later on, I got a kind help from my classmate. He sent me links of both youtube channels and websites. I started watching youtube videos and website pages to get authentic notes on all my subjects of grade 12. After watching all these platforms of social media, I felt so relaxed because I got all my notes there. I started making note copies with fine notes. After reading much, I realised that the notes on social media are unique and useful. In addition, my school teachers also engaged me in online classes. I got various ideas about chapters from my school teachers and the rest notes from social media. In this way, this technology helped me a lot till my final board examination. Due to social media, I managed every single note of my course. When my school resume, I submitted my note copies to my teachers. All of them became quite happy to see my tasks and even appreciated my hard labour. 

Technology helped me a lot. I would like to thank my classmate who made my study run smoothly. For all those students, who are struggling a lot in their academic sectors, the use of modern technology is quite essential. All of them should try their best to spend their time on social media for authentic notes. I'm feeling so excited about my final board's result. I did quite well in my examination. All those important notes made my dream come true. I would like to suggest to all the students that they should try their best to seek out their best notes on social media. 

7. Do as indicated in the brackets and rewrite the sentences. 10

a) The reason Deepak has never had an accident is that he drives...…than everyone else. (Complete the sentence with an appropriate adverb)


b) The herd of deer.... (run, runs) to the river. (Choose the correct option from the bracket to complete the sentence)


c) I am not interested...… buying a new car now. (Put the correct preposition in the blank)


d) Rita is already over two hours late. She …..(should have/must have/will have/could have) missed the bus again. (Choose the correct option from the bracket to complete the sentence)

must have

e) By the end of this month, she...… in this organization for fifteen years. (Complete the sentence using the correct form of the verb: work)

will have worked

f) Max finished..... (to do/doing) his homework and then he went to the party with George and Bill. (choose the correct option from the bracket to complete the sentence.)


g) I still can't remember his house...….. I've been there several times. (Put correct conjunction in the blank to complete the sentence.)


h) She is one of the few girls (who has/who have/who were) passed the examination.

who has

i) I resent people interrupting me when I'm speaking. (Change into passive)

Ans: I resent being interrupted when I'm speaking. 

j) "Did you receive my email?" (Report this question with the reporting clause: The teacher asked …..)

Ans: The teacher asked if I had received his email.

3. Choose and copy the correct answer. 5x1=5

3) Which of the following words does not have the prefix 'in'?

(ii) inactive

(i) independent

(ii) instrument

(iv) inability

Ans:(ii) instrument

b) Which of the following words has a diphthong sound?

(i) paternal

(ii) liquid

(iii) out

(iv) speed

Ans:(iii) out

c) Which of the following words has a different pronunciation?

i) so

(ii) sew

(iii) sow

(iv) saw

Ans:(iv) saw

d) What guide words would you look between in the dictionary to find the word 'CAMCORDER' ?

(i) calf-camp

(iii) car-carry

(ii) campground-capital

(iv) cart-cat

Ans:(i) calf-camp

e) I'm sorry, they aren't staying in this hotel anymore. They...… this morning.

(i) checked in

(ii) checked out

(iii) checked on

(iv) checked off

Ans:(ii) checked out

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