NEB Class 12 Questions: NEB 12 Model Questions 2080/2024

NEB Class 12 Routine 2080-2081: Class 12 Routine

CSIT Old Questions: All Semester Past Year Questions

Are you a student looking for B. Sc. CSIT Old Question or Past Year Questions of any Semester of CSIT. Check this post for All the important Questions


BSc. CSIT stands for Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Information Technology is four year (8 Semester) Program. CSIT provides basic information about computer, technology and software, for Computer Science Students.

CSIT Old Questions

Students usually chill for 3-4 months and when exams comes they start searching for CSIT Old Questions and Past year Question. So, we also capitalize some views from such students. And don't worry, you will get past year Questions in this post.

Semester-wise Old Questions

1st Semester:
CSIT first semester has 5 subject in total, including IIT, C Programing, Digital Logic, Mathematics I, and Physics.
CSIT 1st Semester Old Questions

(I am lazy, so not going to type subject for each semester so find questions as below)

2nd Semester 

3rd Semester 

4th Semester 

5th Semester 

6th Semester 

7th Semester 
Note: Ask Ankit pangeni to upload first.

8th Semester 
Same Note as 7th semester

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