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A Devoted Son Exercise: Class 12 English

A Devoted Son Exercises, Class 12 English. A Devoted Son by Anita Desai Exercise, Questions and Answers. NEB Compulsory Class 12 English Support Guide
A Devoted Son by Anita Desai Exercise, Questions and Answers | NEB Compulsory English Support, Guide 2080

A Devoted Son Exercise

A Devoted Son by Anita Desai Exercise, Questions and Answers | NEB Compulsory Class 12 English Support, Guide 2080

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Before You Read

a. Will you be ready to sacrifice your career, status, and economic opportunities for the good of your parents? Why or why not?

b. In your view, what are the qualities of a devoted son/daughter?


Answer the following questions.

a. How did the morning papers bring ambiance of celebration in the Varma family? 

Answer ➜

The morning paper brought ambiance of celebration in the Varma family with the joyous news of Rakesh's achievement in his academic life. It contained the news of Rakesh's highest pass marks in the whole country. 

b. How did the community celebrate Rakesh’s success? 

Answer ➜

The community people gathered at Rakesh's house to congratulate him and his family. They were happy and proud of Rakesh's achievements. They also decorated the home and gave him presents. They appreciated Rakesh by blessing and gifting him. The Varma family fed them with delicious dishes and mithais. They made it like a carnival with music and lights.

c. Why was Rakesh’s success a special matter of discussion in the neighbourhood?

Answer ➜

Rakesh’s success was a special matter of discussion in the neighbourhood because he was the first son in the family to receive an education, and he further topped in the Medical examination as well.

d. How does the author make fun with the words ‘America’ and ‘the USA’?

Answer ➜

Rakesh had won a scholarship in USA. His father learnt it to be called as ‘USA’ and taught the whole family not to say it as ‘America’ as it was the term to be called by his ignorant neighbours. In this way the author makes fun of the words ‘America’ and ‘the USA’.

e. How does the author characterize Rakesh's wife?

Answer ➜

The author characterizes Rakesh's wife as a pulp and uneducated, old fashioned, so placid, so complaisant, so lazy but too good natured.

f. Describe how Rakesh rises in his career.

Answer ➜

Rakesh rises his career by topping the examination and by being a doctor in the city hospital. He also reaches the top of administrative section as the director. Then, he opens his own private clinic, buys a car.

g. How does the author describe Rakesh’s family background?

Answer ➜

The author describes Rakesh’s family as a poor family. His father is a kerosene dealer. No one before Rakesh has to get education facilities because of his poor family

h. What is the impact of Rakesh’s mother’s death on his father? 

Answer ➜

There is quite a bad impact of Rakesh's mother's death on his father. His father felt quite sad and his body starts reacting badly. He starts complaining each time. He is seen ill frequently with mysterious diseases. His son Rakesh isn't even able to find out the real cause of his frequent illness. His acts are quite uncommon. 

Due to his acts, all his family members have to watch him being fearful and even cry to see his state. He spits his red bottle juice from his mouth anywhere he likes as if he tries to mock his family members' behaviour. 

i. What did Rakesh do to make his father's old age more comfortable?

Answer ➜

Rakesh does so much to make his father's old age more comfortable. He himself brings morning tea to him in his favorite brass glass. 

Every morning he read morning news to him sitting close to him. In the evening, after returning home, he takes his father out in the garden for a brisk walk and fresh air. Because of his father's ill health condition, he supervises his father's diet every day. He brings pill and powders and tonic for his father. He is conscious to his father's health all the times. He even scolds his father if he becomes stubborn and wishes to eat oily, sugary and fried foods.

j. Why did the old man try to bribe his grandchildren?

Answer ➜

The old man tried to bribe his grandchildren by making them bring sweets to eat which were prohibited by his son. But he got them from Rakesh’s son.

k. Are Mr. Varma’s complaints about his diets reasonable? How?

Answer ➜

Mr. Varma’s complaints about his diets are reasonable. Rakesh stopped Verma from eating his favorite foods since they made him sick. He also felt a feeling of obligation as a doctor and wished his father a long life. As a result, Mr. Varma's diet concerns are justified.


a. How did Varma couple make sacrifices for their son's higher education?

Answer ➜

Varma couple made sacrifices for their son's higher education by doing hard labour in their entire lifetime. They had a lifelong dream about their son's education. To achieve their dream, Varma had worked hard for forty years in a kerosene depot whereas his wife had devoted herself honestly to household tasks.

Mr. Varma had never stepped inside the school in his life. As the son of a vegetable vendor, he didn't get a chance for his studies. But he desired quality education for his son Rakesh. He became able to accomplish his goal and turned his dream into reality. 

His son Rakesh was the first son in the family to receive higher education. Varma and his wife finally got the fruits of their sacrifices. The achievement they got was quite golden and glorious.

b. Mr. Varma suffers from diseases one after another after his wife's death. Would he have enjoyed better health if she had not died before him? Give reasons.

Answer ➜

 Mr. Varma suffered from diseases one after another his wife's death. I think all this happen him due to his wife's death as it makes him alone and scattered. If she had not died before him, he would have enjoyed better health. He thinks most of the time about his life partner which leads him stricken with grief. The old father very quickly went to pieces and fell ill.

c. Dr. Rakesh is divided between a doctor and a son. As a son, he loves his father and worries about his weakening health, but as a doctor, he is strict on his father's diet and medicine. In your view, what else could Rakesh have done to make his father's final years more comfortable?

Answer ➜

Dr. Rakesh is indeed divided between a doctor and a son. As a son, he loves his father and worries about his weakening health, but as a doctor, he is strict on his father's diet and medicine. 

However, he could have done several other things to make his father's final year more comfortable. He could have been very polite while dealing with his father and could have made other family members and servants do the same. Likewise, he could have asked for his father's consent for the foods and medicines he was provided. Similarly, he could have arranged foods that are both healthy and tasty for his father. 

In addition, he should have spent more quality time with his father and should have taken him to visit parks, zoos, cinema halls, and nursing homes. Through these behaviors, his father's final years would have been more comfortable. 

d. What does the story say about the relationship between grandfather and grandchildren? 

Answer ➜

The story says that Grandparents and grandchildren often have close connections in households. In this story, Mr. Varma uses his little grandchild to obtain what he wants. He starts paying his grandson to bring him jalebis. 

This story shows a lovely bond between a grandfather and his grandchildren. Varma's closest friends are his grandchildren. Rakesh's actions have made him sad instead. His grandsons are his closest friends, with whom he plays and spends his time alone.

e. Do you call Rakesh a devoted son? Give reasons.

Answer ➜

The short story "A Devoted Son" by Anita Desai focuses on a father-son relationship in a traditional family within a small, property-stricken village. With his father, sacrifices, Rakesh is able to pursue and excel in his medical studies. 

All above, Rakesh is a very devoted and respectful son. Respect and courtesy is a fundamental component to traditional (transitional) culture and having such characteristics is rare in young children. Verma should be grateful from the attention that Rakesh as giving him.

He has done well for his family. It was him who ministered to his mother in her last illness and who sat pressing her feet at the last moment. After the mother's death, his father went to pieces very quickly and his health begin to decline. This made Rakesh really worried about his father and he decided to handle his diet and daily routine personally. 

He took care of every comfort of his father. He won't let him die if he knows that he can save his life. He tried to make him happy upto the last and took care of his parents. But from the side of Varma, due to ruthless, tyrannical and obsessively controlling behavior of his son, he is powerless and had to be in despair.


a. Write an essay on The Parents’ Ambition for their Children in Nepali Society. You must give at least five examples.

Answer ➜

The Parents’ Ambition for their Children in Nepali Society

One of the primary roles of parents is to be a leader of their children. Dedicated, motivated parents are usually one of two kinds of leaders; ambitious leaders or led leaders. While ambition seems like a powerful quality in a leader, it’s flawed because ambition is self-serving. On the other hand, a leader who is a good follower of truth, principles, and a higher moral authority, even if it is inconvenient to themselves or lacks showiness is a powerful influence for good in the lives of their children.

Parents have great ambition for their children in Nepali Society. Most of the parents want their children to be the best person in the society such as the best doctor, the best engineer, the best teacher, and many more. 

Due to parents’ ambition for their children, some children work hard to achieve their destination and get succeed at the end. But due to this the children are forced to do the thing other than their interest and follow the paths shown by the parents blindly. Due to which many children are lacking behind in Nepalese society. Thus, parents should listen to the voice and aim of their children as well for their better in future.

b. Medicines replace our diets in old age. What can be done to make old ageless dependent on medicine?

Answer ➜

Medicines replace our diets in old age. With age, the number of calories you need begins to ‘ decline. “As we get older, the body becomes less efficient at absorbing some key nutrients,” says Katherine Tucker. In addition, the ability to taste food declines, blunting appetite. 

Some foods become difficult to chew or digest. Thus, medicines become the best option to replace our diets in old age. To make old ageless dependent on medicine, they should do the following things:

  • Eat plenty of colourful fruits and vegetables such as fruits like pineapples, oranges and vegetables such as carrots, pumpkin, and sweet potatoes.
  • Eat cereals, bread, crackers, rice or pasta every day mostly high fibre varieties.
  • Have low-fat or fat-free dairy (milk, or cheese) that are fortified with vitamin D to help keep your bones healthy.
  • Use of mustard oil or olive oil as a cooking medium as both prevent high cholesterol and improve good cholesterol in the blood.
  • Egg whites are a good source of protein to repair worn-out cells and tissues.
  • Vegetable soups without cream and thickening agents are a healthy meal to be taken as a supper.
  • Drink about 10-15 glasses of water a day to prevent dehydration especially in summer.
  • Also, exercise regularly, stretch and do yoga to ensure absorption of nutrients well.
  • Balancing physical activity and a healthful diet s the best recipe for health and fitness.
  • Set a goal to be physically active for at least 30 minutes every day.

c.  Write an essay on “Care of Elderly Citizens” in about 300 Words.

Answer ➜ 

Care of Elderly Citizens

Elder citizens could be a method of growing recent with distinct physical, psychological and social modification with the passing of time. it's necessary to go to them often. they have the social interaction with you and you get the support that they're safe, healthy, and in general, doing well. throughout your visit, it's continually best to envision around the house for any problems that will get to be self-addressed admire the general cleanliness of the house or if something is broken that may need to be fixed. Also, do a routine check of their food supply, laundry, mail, and plants.

take care that they're fittingly furnished their medications. it's necessary that every one of their prescriptions is stuffed and refilled as needed. If they are on a variety of medications, it is best to shop for a pillbox organizer with compartments labeled with the times of the week also like AM and PM doses. this could facilitate change in their medication-taking process. Also, if a brand new medication is prescribed, be sure to raise the doctor or health care provider concerning potential facet effects or attainable interactions with current medications.

Most times your aged dears don't seem to be comfy or willing to speak concerning their finances. however, you need to attempt to have open discussions about their finances, particularly if they carry on a hard and fast financial gain or there's a budget to be adhered to. it's important to stay your elderly loved one active and involved. Exercise is very important to keep them healthy. Unfortunately, it is common for the elderly to become isolated and lonely or maybe suffer from depression especially if they need to lose their spouse. it's important that they continue to be committed to their family and friends or they may even need to venture out and build new friends. There are several resources in your community that provide things to try and do and place to travel that {may} facilitate your dear stay social and active. Your loved one might not have the flexibility or need to cook for themselves. it's necessary that they're well-fed so as to remain healthy. you'll be able to prepare meals beforehand for them. you'll be able to check out Meals on Wheels to examine if they qualify. There also are many different deliverable design choices that your loved one may enjoy. a number of these meal plans will even accommodate special requests admire diabetic meals.

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