IIT: CSIT 1st Semester Exam Question 2080

Introduction to Information Technology (IIT) (CSC 114) B. Sc. CSIT First Semester Exam Question 2080 by TU IOST.

Introduction to Information Technology (IIT): CSIT 1st Semester Question

Tribhuvan University, Institute of Science and Technology Complete Introduction to Information Technology (IIT), CSC114, on 2080/02/23. Here, you can find IIT (CSIT) 1st Semester Exam Questions 2080.

Introduction to Information Technology (IIT): CSIT 1st Semester Question

University Tribhuvan University
Institute Institute of Science and Technology
Year 2080
Level Bachelor
Semester First
Subject Computer Science and Information Technology (CSC 114)
Course Name Introduction to Information Technology
Course Type New
Full Marks 60
Pass Marks 24
Time 3 hours

Candidates are required to give their answers in their own words as for as practicable. The figures in the margin indicate full marks.

Section A

Attempt any TWO questions. (2×10 = 20)

1. Explain hierarchy of different memory types along with figure. What are different types of read only memory? (4 + 6)

2. Compare system software with application software. Explain different types of system software in brief. (3+7)

3. List some benefits of using computer networks. Explain different types of data transmission media in detail. (3+7)

Section B

Attempt any Eight questions: (8×5=40)

4. What is digital computer? Compare digital computers with analog computers. (1.5 +3.5)

5. Explain each component of CPU in brief. (5)

6. Define hard copy and soft copy devices. List any six human data entry devices. (2+3)

7. What is ASCII? Convert 0.2345 from Base 10 to Base 2. (2+3)

8. Explain wearable computing in brief. (5)

9. Define database. What are the benefits of using databases? (1+4)

10. What are different characteristics of multimedia? (5)

11. Define cryptography. Why do we use firewall? (1.5 + 3.5)

12. Write short notes on:

  •     a. Instruction Cycle
  •     b. BigData


IIT Question (Images and Video)

Here, You can find CSC-114: IIT, CSIT first Semester Exam Question in Image as well as Video Form:


Introduction to Information Technology (IIT): CSIT 1st Semester Question

Introduction to Information Technology (IIT): CSIT 1st Semester Question

Introduction to Information Technology (IIT): CSIT 1st Semester Question


Video: IIT Question Paper 2080 ( CSIT First Semester)

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