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Every Morning I Wake (Poem) Exercise: Class 12 English

Class 12 English Poem Section Chapter 2: Every Morning I Wake Exercise, Question Answer Solution note (Poem by Dylan Thomas).
Every Morning I Wake (Poem) Exercise: Class 12 English

Every Morning I Wake Exercise

Dylan Thomas's "Every Morning I Wake" Poem Exercise, Question Answer Solution notes, Class 12 English.


Milk Wood (adj.): a wooded area in the hills above a Welsh seaside village of Llaggerub in Dylan Thomas’ play Under Milk Wood

Understanding the text


a. When does the speaker pray to the Lord?

Ans: The speaker prays to the Lord in the morning when he wakes up and at night before he goes to sleep.

b. What does the speaker pray for?

Ans: The speaker prays for the grace and the blessings to the people Living at Milk Wood.
The "poor creatures" referred to in the poem are all living beings, including the people living under Milk Wood. The speaker calls them "poor creatures" because they are made of flesh and bone and are destined to die.

c. Who are the ‘poor creatures’? Why does the speaker call them ‘poor creatures’?

Ans: The ‘poor creatures’ mean all the innocent creatures that are on planet earth. The speaker calls them ‘poor creatures’ because they are born to die and it is not sure whether they can see another morning or not.

d. What does Milk Wood sound like? A type of wood or a place? Why?

Ans: It seems that Milk Wood is a location since there is no article before the word. There is no need for an article in the case of a single proper noun that refers to a single location. 

e. Why do the inhabitants of Milk Wood bow to the setting sun ‘but just for now’?

Ans: ➜ The inhabitants of Milk Wood bow to the setting sun ‘but just for now’ only to say good-bye for the evening. They are hoping to see the sunshine the next morning. They wish to live another day with God’s grace and the warmth of the Sun.


a. Discuss "Every Morning When I Wake" as a prayer to God.

Ans: This poem is a poem of prayer to God. This poem is full of prayers that have been made by the speaker for all the inhabitants living under Milk Wood. We find the speaker's prayers from the first stanza to the last. He keeps on praying to God for his people's welfare, their lives, sleep, positive aspects, opportunities to see the next day etc. 

b. Why does the speaker make a prayer to God, but not to a king, a billionaire, or a scientist?

Ans: The speaker makes prayer to God but not to a king, a billionaire or a scientist because he has strong faith on God. God is believed to be the creator of the universe. He is aware of the grandeur of almighty God. All who are mentioned here like a king, a billionaire or a scientist are the mortal. They will certainly die but God is immortal to him. When people face the difficulties, they first pray to God, not to others. It is believed that only almighty God can help us and can solve the problems easily. All people are the creation of God.

c. How does the poet highlight the magnificence of God?

➜ The poet highlights the magnificence of God via the speaker's daily prayers in the morning and at night. God knows the entire essence of the creature, hence it is god's blessings that see us through another day. 

d. How does the rhyme scheme of the poem reinforce its message?

➜ A rhyme scheme is the ordered pattern of rhyming words that appears at the end of each line of a poem. This poem employs linked rhyme, which means that every two lines of each stanza rhyme together. Line 1 rhymes with line 2, while line 3 rhymes with line 4 in the AABB rhyming scheme. The rhyme system for the entire poem is AABB, CCDD, EEFF, GGHH. These rhymes sound like catchy music. It portrays the innocence of nature due to its simplicity. In the eyes of God, the speaker is a helpless being. The majority of prayer-poems use this rhyme structure to express an innocent appeal to God.


a. Does God exist? Give your opinion.

Ans: This is a quite controversial question and a matter of debate from ancient times. The term 'God' refers to a deity or supreme being; a supernatural, typically immortal, being with superior powers, to which personhood is attributed. 

I believe in God but I don't have any idea about God's existence. I think the above-mentioned definition of God is the worldwide accepted definition. Most people in this world believe in God and his existence. So do I. But No one has seen the real form of God in this world. People similarly believe in God as the above-mentioned definition. The concept of God is culturally connected with people. From childhood time, people are orally taught as well as transmitted information regarding God and his magnificence showing God's pictures as well as idols. From birth to death, people are connected with religious aspects as well as the concept of God.

Most people have deep faith in God though they don't see his real form. So, there is a question mark in God's existence. But the power through which the entire universe is regulating itself is an amazing aspect for all. The tremendous changes in nature every time make people believe in the existence of a superpower on this planet. People have deep faith in the goodness of this unknown power. They attribute this unknown power to God.

b. In his Epistle to the author of the book, The Three Impostors (1768), Voltaire says, “Even if God didn’t exist, it would be necessary to invent him.” Write an essay highlighting the importance of God in the society.

Ans: French philosopher Voltaire in his book "The Three Imposter (1768)" says "Even if God didn't exists, it would necessary to invent them". The author highlights the magnificence of the God because he keeps his loving eyes on all creature. The beauty of he whole things in this universe is due to the presence of God. He is supreme creator and every person must believe in him.

God is the symbol of positive side/energy in our life. A a social-being, we human live in society. We follow different norms and values here. The norms and values in the society helps to remain in peace and harmony among the people. If the people thinks to commit any sinful deeds, they have fear of God. The feeling of God teaches us moral values, humanity, kindness and so on. This helps people to make a civilized society. If something bad happens bad in our life, the belief on God helps us to live with positive views that next day will become good.

People who believe in the existence of God, they think after death too. They belief that our soul is immortal and suffers different environment according to our deeds. If the people commit any sinful deeds here, their souls will suffers in purgatory. Similarly, people who follow the righteous path, their souls will remain in heaven peacefully. Such beliefs make the society civilized. So, for the betterment of any healthy society, God is needed, if not, he must be invented.

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