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NEB Class 12 Environmental Science Model Question 2080

Complete Model Question and Answer Solution of Class 12 Environmental Science (subject code: 4141) Model Question 2079/2080 New SET Issued By NEB.

In this Post, We Provide Complete Model Question and Answer Solution of Class 12 Environmental Science Model Question 2079/2080 SET Issued By NEB.

NEB Class 12 Environmental Science Model Question 2080

Environmental Science Class 12 Model Question 2080

Sub. Code 4141


Model Question

2079 (2023)

Environmental Science

Candidates are required to give their answer in their own words as far as practicable . The figures in the margin indicate full marks.

Time: 3 Hrs.

Full Marks: 75

Group 'A'

Very Short Answer Questions. 11x1=11

1. What does hydrological cycle mean?

2. Define lithosphere in one sentence.

3. Give a reason for using quantification techniques in biodiversity assessment.

4. Clarify the meaning of climate change.

5. Give an example of heat budget in your own view.

6. Mention any two measures to protect Greenhouse effect.

7. List any two approaches for solid waste managementin your community.

8. State any two major toxic chemicals found inenvironment.

9. Give an example of chronic toxicity.

10. Mention the full form of GPS.

11. State the meaning of Remote Sensing(RS).

Group 'B'

Short Answer Questions. 8x5=40

12. Illustrate the lentic and lotic environment with examples.

13. Briefly describe the various steps of soil profile.


Briefly describe the properties of soil.

14. What is vegetation sampling method? Explain its types.

15. Analyze the impacts of climate change in the context of Nepal.

16. Interpret the bio- magnificationin eco system with example.

17. Explain the technological approaches of pollution control in brief.

18. Explain the primary waste water treatment.

19. Mention the various applications of GIS in your daily life.


Briefly describe the various units of land measurement system with examples.

Group 'C'

Long Answer Questions. 3x8=24

20. Describe the vertical zonation of atmosphere. Illustrate the metrological parameters of atmosphere on environment.

21. Mention the solid waste management approaches and explain any two approaches of solid waste management at your community.


22. Analyze the environmental impact assessment (EIA) system inNepal.


Discuss the various plan and policies being adopted to protect environmental degradation in Nepal.


Environmental Science Model Question PDF

NEB Class 12 Environmental Science Model Question 2079-2080 Academic year Pdf is given as:

NEB Class 12 Model Question 2079/2080 | All Subjects

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