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NEB Class 12 Routine 2080-2081: Class 12 Routine

NEB Class 12 Hotel Management Model Question 2080

Complete Model Question and Answer Solution of Class 12 Hotel Management (subject code: 4401) Model Question 2079/2080 New SET Issued By NEB.

In this Post, We Provide Complete Model Question and Answer Solution of Class 12 Hotel Management Model Question 2079/2080 SET Issued By NEB.

NEB Class 12 Hotel Management Model Question 2080

Hotel Management Class 12 Model Question 2080


Sub. Code : 4401

NEB - GRADE XII 2079 (2022)

Hotel Management

Model Question


Candidates are required to give answers in their own words as far as practicable. Figures in the margin indicate full marks.

Time: 2 hrs.

Full Marks: 50


Attempt all questions.



Group 'A'


Very short answers questions: 9x1=9


1. What is credit card ?


2. How would you suspect the suspicious guest in hotel as a front office staff? State any two points.


3. What is the appropriate temperature range for poaching?


4. Why is cleaning important? write any two points.


5. Name the common garnishes for serving cream soups.


6. How do you dress Nepali style salad?


7. Define venue.


8. Enlist any two personal events.(Unit-5)


9. Mention any two primary functions of carbohydrate.





Short answers questions: 5x5=25


10.Suggest preventive measures of food poisoning. [5]


11.What procedure would you follow for bed making? [5]


As a housekeeping staff, what steps would you adopt while "spring cleaning "a guestroom. [5]


12.Define carpet and what equipment and agents will you choose for cleaning carpet. [2+3]


13.Distinguish between fermented and distilled alcoholic beverage. [5]


14.Draw a format of KOT and explain its purposes. [2+3]


Compare a' l carte and table d'hote menus. [5]



Group 'C'


Long answers questions: 8x2=16


15. How can we develop Nepali food varieties using sauce as mother sauce in continental food? Discuss. [8]


16.Explain the normal guest check-in procedure along with the essential information required during the process. [6+2]


Explain the objectives of visitor tabular ledger and it’s posting procedure in detail.

Hotel Management Model Question PDF

NEB Class 12 Hotel Management Model Question 2079-2080 Academic year Pdf is given as:

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