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Fundamentals of Solid State of Physics: B.Sc. CSIT Physics Unit 5 Notes

Fundamentals of Solid State of Physics: B.Sc. CSIT 1st Semester Physics Unit 5 Notes; Crystal Structures, Bonding; Free Electron Theories; Band Theory
Fundamentals of Solid State of Physics: B.Sc. CSIT First Semester Physics Unit 5 Notes

Unit 5: Fundamentals of Solid State of Physics [6 hours]


Crystal Structure, Crystal Bonding, Classical and Quantum mechanical free electron model, Bloch theorem, Kronig-Penny model, Tight-binding approximation, conductors, insulators and semiconductors, effective mass and holes.

Crystal Structures and Bonding in Solids

    • Introduction
    • Crystal Structures
    • Crystal Bonding

Free Electron Theories of Solids

    • Introduction
    • Classical Free Electron (CFE) Model
    • Quantum-Mechanical Free Electron Model (QMFE)

Band Theory of Solids

    • Introduction
    • Bloch's Theorem
    • The Kronig-Penny Model
    • Tight-Binding Approximation
    • Conductors, Insulators, and Semiconductors
    • Effective Mass
    • Holes

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