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The Treasure in the Forest Summary (H.G. Wells Story)

The Treasure in the Forest Summary (H.G. Wells Story) Class 12 English, Short Story Section Unit 4 Setting, Analysis & Interpretation, Message, Moral.
The Treasure in the Forest Summary (H.G. Wells Story)

The Treasure in the Forest Summary

Complete Summary, Characters description, Analysis, Moral and Message of H.G. Wells Short Story, The Treasure in the Forest, Class 12 English

Herbert George Wells, also known as H.G. Wells, was an English novelist, historian, and social critic who lived from 1866 to 1946. He is best known for his science fiction novels, including "The Time Machine," "The Invisible Man," and "The War of the Worlds," which are considered classics of the genre.

Wells was born into a working-class family in Bromley, Kent, and received a scholarship to study at the Normal School of Science in London. He went on to become a teacher, but also began writing for magazines and newspapers.

Wells was a prolific writer, with over 100 books to his name, covering a wide range of topics including politics, social issues, and history. He was also a prominent member of the Fabian Society, a socialist organization, and his political views often came through in his writing.

In addition to his literary work, Wells was a strong advocate for social reform and was involved in various political and social causes throughout his life. He died in 1946 at the age of 78.

Characters of "The Treasure in the Forest"

Character Description
Evan A tall, thin man with a sharp nose and a prominent Adam's apple. He is one of the treasure hunters and is described as having a dreamy disposition.
Hooker The other treasure hunter, Hooker is a short, stout man with a gruff voice and a blunt nose. He is more practical and down-to-earth than Evan.
Chang-Li A Chinese man who Evan and Hooker encounter on the mainland. He gives them a map leading to treasure on the island and tells them about the dangers they will face.
The dead man A mysterious figure found on the island by Evan and Hooker. He appears to have died from poisoning and may have been a previous treasure hunter.
The natives Although they are not named or given much description, the natives of the island are mentioned several times throughout the story. They are described as being fierce and potentially dangerous.

Setting of "The Treasure in the Forest"

The story is set on a tropical island with a coral reef and dense forests. It is an isolated place where no one live, and the island is surrounded by the sea. The vegetation is lush, and the climate is hot and humid. The island's natural beauty and abundance of resources, such as freshwater streams and fruit trees, make it an attractive location for the treasure hunters.
  • Green trees and high mountains near the shore
  • Empty beach with a small river running into the sea
  • Remote and unexplored location
  • Dense forests with diverse vegetation
  • Coral reef surrounding the island
  • Hot and humid climate
  • Freshwater streams and fruit trees

Theme of "The Treasure in the Forest"

  • Greed: The destructive power of greed.
  • Betrayal: The consequences of betrayal and the erosion of trust.
  • Justice: The idea that wrongdoing leads to eventual justice and punishment.
  • Racism: Prejudices and discriminatory attitudes towards different races.
  • Nature: The significance of nature and its impact on humans.
  • Mystery: The sense of mystery surrounding the hidden treasure and Chang-Li's death.
  • Survival: Overcoming challenges and obstacles to survive in a hostile environment.

Short Summary: The Treasure in the Forest

The Treasure in the Forest is a story of mystery and suspense that has been written by an American writer H. G. Wells. This story has presented the destructive consequences of greed and power as its major theme. 

This story opens with the scene of two Englishmen's voyage in their small canoe. Both of them are near to the island. Both of them seem quite tired and thirsty after their whole night's voyage. They have an old yellow coloured map related to the treasure. They discuss the treasure by pointing at the map first. They confirm three palm trees and the blue star's location as the exact place of the treasure. They get confused about the sharp dots on the map which seem like pieces of glass or teeth. Both of them need water badly. Evans sees a dream sitting in a boat. He sees a dream about their jungle incident where they come to know about the Spanish treasure and the act of hiding treasure on the island by Chang-hi alone. He sees himself killing Chang-hi and snatching a map from him. Later, he sees Chang-hi in the terrible form of a vast devil with a big black tail. He becomes fearful to see Chang-hi's terrible and mysterious smile. 

Later, both Evans and Hooker drink cold and fresh water in the river. They move ahead on the island chopping the bushes. They find a Chinese man's dead body and the gold treasure behind the bushes. Evans moves inside the hole and starts collecting heavy gold bars in his coat whereas Hooker becomes fearful about the Chinese man's dead body and his surroundings. Evans gets pricked by little thorns inside the hole twice while collecting gold bars. He asks Hooker to help him. He feels pain in his arms and neck. 

Both of them pull the heavy coat out of the hole. As they move ahead, Evans stops twice due to pain. He keeps his distance from Hooker and stands against a tree. Hooker feels restless in this situation. As he picks the last gold bar, he also feels pain in his finger due to thorn. He sees Evans trembling with pain. Evans becomes motionless. Finally, he also feels pain and starts trembling.

Main Summary: The Treasure in the Forest

"The Treasure in the Forest" is a suspenseful short story written by H.G. Wells and published in 1894. The story revolves around the theme of greed and its destructive consequences. It explores the idea that the pursuit of wealth and power can corrupt individuals and lead to their downfall.

The story follows two English men, Evans and Hooker, who embark on a treacherous adventure in search of Spanish treasure on a remote island. They possess an old and worn-out map that supposedly leads them to the exact location of the treasure. However, the map is blurred and difficult to navigate, adding the mystery to the story.

As they approach the island, Evans begins to have vivid dreams about the treasure and a Chinese man named Chang-hi, who was involved in hiding the gold during a shipwreck. These dreams foreshadow the darker elements of the story and hint at the dangers that lie ahead.

Upon reaching the island, the men encounter various challenges, including the discovery of a dead body, presumably that of Chang-hi. They also locate the three palm trees that indicate the treasure's whereabouts. Excitement fills their hearts as they uncover the gold bars buried in a hole.

However, their greed begins to consume them. Evans becomes increasingly obsessed with the gold, disregarding the potential dangers and consequences. As he collects the gold, he is repeatedly pricked by thorns that protect the treasure. Hooker, on the other hand, becomes more cautious and fearful, realizing the potential hazards associated with their findings.

Ultimately, their greed leads to their demise. Both Evans and Hooker succumb to the poison of the thorns, suffering from excruciating pain and paralysis. Hooker reflects on Chang-hi's smiling face and the tragic consequences of their avarice.

In conclusion, "The Treasure in the Forest" is a gripping tale that explores the theme of greed and its detrimental effects. It takes readers on a suspenseful journey filled with mystery, danger, and the tragic downfall of characters driven by their insatiable desire for riches.

Analysis and Interpretation: Treasure in the Forest

The main idea of The Treasure in the Forest is to tell us don't take a risk when you are not prepared. We must prepare before going anywhere. The end of greed is destructive. We must focus and understand each thing before making any decision on it. Otherwise, its result is bad like Evans and Hooker.

This story represents that greed is the big enemy of a person and also shows the weakness of money and wealth.

Message of the Story

The message of "The Treasure in the Forest" revolves around the destructive nature of greed. The story serves as a cautionary tale, warning readers about the consequences of unchecked desire for wealth and power.

The story highlights the idea that greed and power have a corrupting influence on human nature. It shows that when individuals prioritize their personal gain above all else, they lose sight of moral values and become willing to engage in immoral or harmful actions. The characters' obsession with the treasure blinds them to the potential risks and ultimately results in their own destruction.

Moral of the Story

The moral of the story can be interpreted as a warning against the dangers of greed and the corrupting influence of wealth. It serves as a cautionary tale, highlighting the destructive nature of unchecked desire and the importance of considering the consequences of one's actions.

Overall, the message of the story is that greed leads to destructive consequences. It encourages readers to reflect on the importance of balance, contentment, and the recognition that true wealth lies not in material possessions, but in moral integrity, compassion, and the pursuit of meaningful relationships.

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